The Chinese Connection

By Joanna E Sears

Dated February 2014

© Sidly Macktavish Enterprises

Kif was taking a short cut through the Chinese Market, he wasn't supposed to.

He'd been warned repeatedly against crossing the domain of Wu Kao Chu, the

most notorious gangster in Cravendale. But his mind was distracted. In addition

to his normal Academy studies he was again helping Sid and Tammy on a case.

All over town cat and dog possessions were being stolen. Toys, bowls, prized blankets, the thefts covered everything of value. Cat Squad Investigations were

working with their Canine counterparts on the case but both teams were baffled. The Criminals whoever they were, had so far been incredibly careful. They'd left no

evidence at all. No claw prints, no fur, nothing. Sid's team had no suspects and no

leads. The dogs were not doing any better. Sid tried leaning on a couple of low life

rat informers But even they couldn't come up with any viable info. The purloined items had simply vanished.

Kif turned right and scuttled past a Chinese Lantern stall. He was almost out of the

dark alley and about to re-enter the main high street when an open crate in a corner behind a bright array of gaudy paper lamp shades caught his eye. He skidded to a stop and looked around. Suddenly he realised just where he was. But the

clue couldn't be ignored. He had recognised the exquisite blanket. It was his!

Lost a few weeks before, stolen from his very bed. Kif almost purred aloud in triumph but knew not to go any closer to the object, despite his longing. Sid's training kicked in Kif resumed his journey. Trying hard to act normal despite wanting to yell for his mentor. To run squealing to Sid Kif walked sedately onward even managing to keep his tail down, to disguise his delight. The end of the alley seemed an infinity away, yet Kif held onto his composure. Each step bringing it closer. Every paw pace an inch nearer. He was aware of Siamese eyes on him but looking neither left nor right he plodded ever forward. No one stopped him then! He was free he'd made it. Hurrying out onto the main street Kif quickened his step and once out of sight of the alley he was finally able to break into a run. His tiny paws pounded along the pavement. Shoppers and bigger creatures leapt out of the kitten's way. Many recognised the ID tag that glinted on his collar and sensed he was on an important mission. Kif belted through the gates leading to the CSI headquarters The feline on guard gaped.

"Hey! No running!" he yelled after the fleeing youngster. Kif didn't even glance round

He pelted up the steps and into the bullpen. Heads rose all around the room as he

charged in, mewing at the top of his voice.

"Sid! Sid! Sid!" The senior field cat was talking to the Overall Operations Chief he glanced round at the sweating, panting kitten.

"Kif?" Tammy had heard his entrance and was approaching. "What is wrong Kitten?

Are you hurt?" Kif shook his head. His breath came in gasps, his whiskers quivered.

"The-the thefts," he gasped. "I know, I know who's behind them." Sid placed a paw

on his shoulder.

"Easy lad! Take a minute! Get your breath back." Kif nodded then gulped in air.

Seeing the kitten was growing calmer Sid steered him to a chair then controlling his own hopeful excitement continued. "Alright! Now just take it slow and explain what

you've discovered." Tammy passed forward a saucer of the finest Cravendale cream to further relax the agitated trainee. Kif licked it away then with his breath restored he slowly related his journey and the clue he'd seen. Tammy frowned

"Kif you walked through the Chinese Alley?" her voice was disapproving. "You

know better than that. That area is very dangerous."

"Not now Tam!" Sid interrupted her chiding. "His disobedience has served our cause.

I had begun to suspect that wily old Panda was up to no good. I should have seen

His paw marks all over the thefts. This is just his sort of caper." Sid again patted Kif

On the shoulder. "You have done well." He smiled kindly down at the Kitten. "But don't make a habit of going through that alley!" He turned then and began mewing orders. A secondary cat was already alerting the Canine team. Within an hour fifty adult officers from the combined forces stood ready to launch a raid on the

Hideout of Wu Kao Chu. Kif was not included. He was too young, his work was done. He'd already been escorted back to the main academy.

The two squads formed into four purrson teams with cats + dogs in each. Sid was going to lead the assault from the front back Tammy's team would cover the back with three further back up groups to mop up any of the mobsters that escaped the initial attack.

Sid's team slid silently into the old warehouse. At first it seemed deserted but then he heard the low hum of voices coming from a back room. He signalled his team to spread out ready to surround the crooks. Tammy gobbled up the remains of her cream pastry then approached the rear of the building. One by one they crept

through the old forgotten cat flap. Tammy was last. It was then she regretted having that fifth cream pie. She pushed hard with her back paws but didn't move. Her belly

was firmly wedged. She tried to reverse but that didn't work either Tammy groaned. She was well and truly stuck. Sid was going to laugh her off the planet. He was

always saying her fondness for Cravendale Cream Puffs would be her downfall, now

it looked as if he was right.

But at that moment Sid was more concerned with the raid. He and his troops burst in upon the Panda and his confederates.

"Cat Squad Police hands up all of you!" The criminals leapt from their seats


Pandemonium reigned as dozens tried to reach for their guns and several including

Wu Kao Chu attempted to run. The wily Panda shoved one of his underlings at Sid

Who was moving to intercept him. Seizing his chance Wu activated a sliding panel

And vanished down a secret passage. Sid snarled in fury and slammed his fisted

Paw against the aperture as it slammed shut behind the fugitive. Wu Kao Chu

sniggered evilly as he scuttled away. He left his minions to take the fall. Very few of

them knew of his secret escape route. He came out of the secret passage just in

time to avoid the second team moving towards the battle raging in the room he'd just

fled from. His snigger turned to a soft maniacal laugh. He was home free with

plenty of time to make it to the old cat flap and freedom. It was dark in the rear of the

warehouse and Wu's eyes were not suited to low light. Even still he knew the way.

But was careful to keep looking round, to make sure he wasn't being followed.

So intent was he on watching what was going on behind him he didn't see the stuck

cat. He turned at the last second to hurl himself through the flap. But in doing so he

cannoned straight into Tammy forcing her back and freeing her at the same time.

She and the Panda flew out of the now splintered cat door and onto the concrete

beyond. Wu laying gasping the breath knocked out of him. Not so Tammy she was

on her feet in a second and atop the panda a second after that he barely had time to

inhale before all his breath was again forced from his body as the two tonne feline

pounced on him. She rolled him over and cuffed him securely Just as Sid leapt out

of the flap.

"Oh well done Tam! You covered the back perfectly. We've not only got Wu Kao Chu

and his gang. We've recovered virtually all of the stolen property. Tammy didn't see

any need to tell him how she'd really caught the crook. It was a very triumphant squad

that returned to Police Headquarters that afternoon. The local news channel and

newspapers carried the story to all parts of Cravendale. Two days later a special

meeting was heldat the Town Hall. Everyone who'd lost property was able to reclaim

their stolen items.

Kif's mom washed his blanket before he replaced it reverently in his basket. He was

a very happy kitten. Not only had he got his "Blankie" back, he'd also cracked the case

and received a commendation.