Down He gazed from His heavenly throne, His vision unobstructed, though the clouds were blacker than the night, now and then infused with blue from the storm that raved inside and all around the object of His attention. Tonight she knelt with a Book in her hands, vehemently repeating the same holy words over and over and over again in attempt to make the pain disappear. As each word was spoken, the clouds began to lift, and the thunder became hushed. Her eyes were tightly shut from the horrors of her world, but try as she might, she knew she could not escape the horrors of her heart, the wretched creature that refused to be controlled by His holy words.

In vain she commanded her heart to be still; in vain she told it of her Father who even now sat watching over her. But her fractured heart screamed louder than her voice, and she began to cry. The clouds returned and swallowed her whole. Thunder and lighting raged as teardrops fell like rain. Her Father lost not sight of her, even through the storm, though she lost sight of Him. In all His stately glory, He sat in waiting for her words.

She struggled with the nightmare that surrounded her and wrestled with her heart. She tried to do it on her own, but was slowly losing ground. At last, her hands up to His heavens flew. He lost not a moment before He reached down from His throne to save His precious child. He lifted her from chaos into peace, into His loving arms. He knelt with her before His throne as she recovered, beat and broken, tired and trembling. She clung to Him with all the strength of a newborn baby.

"I can't control it!" violently she cried into His shoulder. "My heart is wild, an untamable beast. No matter how hard I try, it will never understand. It will never rest. It shuns wisdom and embraces folly. Why did You give me such a thing?"

His own perfect heart was broken for His child, yet He smiled as He said, "Look at me, my beloved one. I have a plan for you, and it is good. In your weakness, I am strong. I formed you, bit by bit, and I sustain you, day by day. I know you better than anyone else ever will, and I love you more than you will ever know. All I ask is that you trust Me."

She looked into His eyes and knew He spoke the truth. How could He not? He was the Truth! He took her by the hands and helped her to her feet.

"Hear My voice call softly through the storm. Regardless of the volume of your heart, you will always hear Me when you listen closely."

And with those words, He parted the clouds and let His daughter return, refreshed and ready once again to wrestle with her heart.