Hello, everyone! This is a breakup song I wrote.

Verse 1: So you're upset right now. I don't see the reason when you were the one who lied and hid. I truly wanted you. I gave you a fair chance just like everyone else I knew, but you decided to hide everything after I told everything.

Chorus: Don't be surprised if one day I'm happy with someone else. Don't try to win me back because I won't return. Don't blame me for your pain because you brought this on yourself. I'll be fine without you.

Verse 2: Did you really believe I wasn't going to find out? You sent too many red flags for me to stay. Why would you lie to me when I wasn't afraid to open up? You betrayed me.


Bridge: You kept me in the dark. You wanted what you shouldn't have. You came at me with too much too soon. I'm done with you and all of your drama. I no longer have the time or energy.


So, let me know what you think!