"What are we going to do?" Andon tore his fingers through his hair anxiously.

Cassius sighed. "This is big," he said. "And if anyone finds out about this...we are in for it. We have to fix this."

"How, sir?"

There was a beat of silence. "Bring them in. Both parents for each."

"And what of the children, sir?"

"We will watch them," he said. "Keep tabs on them. If they begin to develop these...side effects, then we will deal with them."

"Deal with them, sir?"

"Kill them."

The building was much colder than they remembered. Hasn't it felt so much warmer all those years ago? Nervous glances and coughs were all that were exchanged. Everyone had their own thoughts and worries to attend to.

The six of them were led down the halls, some remembering a time when they had walked these halls. The rest wondering what they were doing there.

"I'm sure you are all very confused," Cassius said. "Wondering why we have brought you here after all of these years."

Avalon and Lysander in the back of the group clung to one another. You have to get out of here, Lysander thought, knowing his wife, Avalon, could hear him. She always had been able to - at least, since the experiment. She nodded almost imperceptibly. Go, Lysander told her firmly. I'll hold them off.

Before the Avalon could argue, her gifted husband sent one of the men flying down the hall without laying a finger on him. The group scattered and, in the chaos, Avalon slipped away. I love you, she thought. But her husband did not have the same ability she had. His gift lied with telekinesis. Tears burning her eyes, knowing what fate was left to the others and being unable to save them broke her heart. But it was better to have one of them escape than none at all. She would see to it that the children were taken care of. And then, when that was said and done, she would wipe herself off the grid. She would go underground, assume a new identity and, when the time was right, when she had all she needed, she would return and she would dismantle and expose the sick people that worked within the walls of Ignacio, the corrupt organization that had begun so innocently.

I love you. Take care of them, Lysander thought to his wife as she made her escape.

She stumbled and cried out softly when she could no longer hear her husbands thoughts. Gone. He was gone. They were all gone.

She forced herself to keep going. She had to find the children. All of them. They would need protection. They would need to keep their powers hidden if they wanted to survive. She hoped they were old enough to understand.

Months went by and Ignacio grew frustrated. "She's just one woman. How far could she get on her own? Anyone like her has been taken care of! She's completely alone."

"It's like she's vanished. There is no trace of her," Aleksander said.

"And the children?"

There was a beat of silence. "Being monitored."

"Good," Cassius said.

Aleksander nodded and walked from the room, his eyes growing hard. He was new at Ignacio. He had a darker purpose in mind. He was not there to work or to monitor the kids - though he would. He would always watch out for them. After all, two of those kids were family - his niece and nephew. Aleksander clenched his hands. His sister, Avalon, and her husband - and others - had been killed at this place.

And he was determined to see Ignacio fall, even if it had to be dismantled brick by brick from the inside.