Well, they took my name
Yeah, they stole it all
They said, "Little girl, you'll be a barbie doll."

We'll buy all your friends
You'll be the perfect size
You'll be the first place golden ribbon Nobel prize

But you can't be gay
We'd rather you'd be bi
They said, "Sex is what sells, sweetie; so, don't be shy."

We'll dress you up
You'll be designer chic
You'll be the hottest little thing in the news this week

We'll hide your dirty laundry
While we wash your mind
They said, "Wake up, Dorothy; you've left Kansas behind."

So, I wrecked myself
Yeah, like they planned I would
I said, "Long live the dying heroes of Hollywood."

They can bury me under
But the dirt will cave
I said, "You can't keep a living spirit locked in a grave."