This thrashing, crashing,

Burning, lashing

This crazy little heart

Always playing hard.

Wild, crazy, it lives one moment it dies the next

It gives me pain so much I feel like crying

It makes me cough it mercilessly rips apart my chest

I stand there alone, sad, my tears not drying.

I sometimes walk on the curves of this life,

Trying to not fall and remain strong

But this little traitor, crazy, unsatisfied, continues its fight

Against my life, my soul, my acceptance of defeat.

And when I was a kid, this traitor made me cry,

It kept me human, how merciless this is!

In this globe of blood, where I borne and die

This heart wins and loses, and loses and wins this-

This battle I fight with it, against the wrong and right.

Why do I not stop? Why does it not stop?

This traitor, paining me so much, so much joy it brings

Joy of love, of compassion, and I abhor it, ask what

Is its motive? I ain't no crown of gold and no silver ring.

Then leave me alone, you wretched heart, don't snatch my darkness!

It's my safety; it's letting me stay inhuman

It's helping me kill, helping me avenge the hole in my chest

Helping me stay a demon.

So, should it be you, traitor? Or the monster that made you throb?

Who made you beat, who made you cheat?

Should it be this love, or this loneliness I shall punish?

'Cause it's chewing my darkness, and smiling as it eats

This treasure I have, this pleasure I have

Of being the person with a heart so dead, with no beats.

Thank you.