What you think you see

You think I'm strong?

Well on the outside I seem tough

But I'm always afraid

Afraid that if I let you go

I would really become weak

I have smiled for so many people

Far more than a trillion times

But when I first saw you

My heart really smiled for the first time

I have feelings for you but you make me cry

You hurt me now and I feel stupid

But I still hold on

Knowing that I'll cry harder

Get hurt even more and feel dumber if I ever let you go

I've honestly tried to forget you

I've honestly tried to let you go

I've honestly tried not to think of you

But I honestly don't want to

I haven't cried for others

Like the way I've cried for you

I haven't tried to show others

The care I want to give you

I guess to have you will never be

So I have to except that even if it hurts me

But I ask you not to hate me and hope you'll be okay

Just let me silently love you till I'm okay.

So I'm not sure what I am to you

Or what we are right now

But please don't leave me crying

Thinking I have lost one of the most special people in my life

So although you may not love me

Although you may not care

If you shall ever need me

You'll know I'll always be there

Your love may all be taken

You heart may not be mine

Yet if your heart gets broken

You could always lean on mine