AN: formatting is horrible horrible thing! the breaks between one stanza to the next will not keep so I am left with using the horizontal lines to show where one stanza ends and another begins :(

Sitting on the bus, just another ordinary day

My friend sat beside me and we talked

It was our routine

We listened to each other's music

And weren't bothered by anything-nothing unusual

Halting the bus reached the school, just another ordinary day

I got up and continued to talk with my friend

Waiting for everyone

Slowly the people in front of us got off

I let people behind me pass

Then he walked by-the sun shined

My stomach went into knots, not like any other day

I felt different

I felt whole and warm

Butterflies flying in my stomach

I saw his face as he got off

A smile spread across my face-no routine


I look back and I smile…

I remember the days we had together

The days we laughed together

We talked and worked

Getting into to trouble for never shutting up

Laughing at everyone we annoyed

I look back and I smile …

Nothing was ever wrong

We had our differences and yet

Arguing was the best part

You'd start screaming to make your point

And I almost knocked you out with my frantic hands

I look back and I smile …

We had our awkward moments

The day I told you my biggest secret

And you just sat there and listened

Days you were too mad to speak

And I made sure no one bothered you

Now all I can do is look back and smile …

I'm at college and you across the sea

Both of us studying, something we rarely did

Never seeing each other except in our minds

And all I have left are memories of you