You see, life isn't fair.

haven't we known from the beginning?

In the neighborhood park,

watching the world go by

the time when

When Susie had a dolly

And Sally had fresh scars

When Johnny paid for his

father's folly

And Joey had three cars

It's not fair.

And Lily has a scholarship

and Lina's on the road

And Brian has a business trip

And Billy's on parole

When her heart is warm and she wears no crown

When her heart is cold and the house burns down

It's not fair.

But it was never about fair.

Was it?

It wasn't a need, a want, for equality,

for justice.

It was about lack and presence

of love

and warmth

and deserving

all those things that we think we need

and if everyone got what they deserved

what kind of a place would the world be?

Isn't that fairness?

What we want for others.

But for ourselves

it is grace we want

and grace that we need

"The beauty of grace

Is that it makes life not fair."

Grace is what we seek

and only in its dark embrace

can anyone ever leave

that sad and long-since lonely park

where we first learned to say

that life isn't fair,

that life, in its essence

keeps the light at bay.