Hey daddy's boy, listen for a minute

did you ever think for a second

I would leave you as the third wheel?

I knew how you would feel...

How could I leave my twin like that?

I mean I can be a brat

but I'm not as blind

as to not see what was going through your mind

Why didn't you say something sooner?

You could have had me any time you chose.

You are ten times the man Dallas could ever be

try thinking more highly

You even excluded yourself out

when I said I liked someone else.

Baka you know you are my number one guy.

Come to think of it your the only guy

that could deserve me as I am now...

You love me for me and i don't know how

I even deserve such an interesting, funny, creative man

Tell me please how its possible

because I surely can't see how its plausible

that I can make you blush more than sammy does

or that the mere mention of a maid makes you fuss

but all of that makes you you and thats what I love

Happy valentines day