"Eternally Awake"—by AirPowerST

The cold wind brushes by her,

in an attempt to cool her thoughts

But does it not see the pain

It brings to the youngster?

Does it not understand

It is not wanted anymore?

Is the pain in her face

Not evident to the wind?

The wind that caresses her tears,

Is the same wind that murmurs

Comforting words of goodbye,

Believing everything would be fine.

But the wind is in front of her,

Lying in a darkened casket,

Screaming in a foreign language,

Words she cannot fathom,

As the red and white flag lays atop his resting place.

When the shots fired silence the wind,

She can only pray for a restful sleep

"Eternally awake," the wind whispers,

"I shall always be."

Author's Note: My apologies if this is a disgrace to the world of poetry. This is the first poem I have ever written, and my knowledge on writing poetry is limited. I just got inspired.

Constructive criticism is welcome.