Scarlett awoke to the sound of the locks being undone. She sat up at the speed of gunfire, looking around wildly. She quickly remembered where she was and scrambled out of the bed. She could hear the sound of running water in the bathroom. She crawled over to "her" corner as the door opened.

Molly came wheeling in a cart full of food for breakfast. There were stacks of pancakes and muffins and fruits and bagels and eggs prepared in various styles. There was also five pitchers of different beverages.

"Good morning!" Molly chirped as bubbly as ever. She looked around the room and her eyes rested on Scarlett. "Hi! How did you sleep?" She asked.

"Terrible." Scarlett snapped back, having found her voice overnight.

"Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that. Well, I'm sure a excellent breakfast will brighten your day! I spend all morning preparing it!" She looked around again. "Where's Elliot?" She asked.

"Bathroom." Scarlett growled. Why was she answering her?

Molly looked around wildly again. "Elliot? Elliot?" She called. She turned and glared at Scarlett. "What have you done with him? Where's my son?!" She screeched, advancing towards Scarlett.

"I told you he's in the bathroom!" Scarlett cried.

Molly grabbed Scarlett's hair and yanked on it painfully. "You're a lying devil! Where is he you-" Molly was cut off as Elliot burst through the bathroom door wearing nothing but a towel.

"Mom! Mom! Calm down, I'm right here! Leave her alone, please, she didn't do anything!" He cried.

Molly blinked a few times and released Scarlett's hair. She looked over at Elliot and then rushed to him. She threw her arms around him and began to cry. "Oh baby, I thought you left me! I thought that horrible girl took you, hid you! Oh this was a bad idea," Molly came out of Elliot's shoulder and looked at him. "Let's get rid of her!"

"No!" Elliot said quickly. Scarlett eyed him with suspicion. "Please don't Mom. I like her, I like having her here with me. She's really nice Mom, please let her stay. I promise that you'll always be the first woman in my life okay? But don't take her away, please?"

Molly sighed. "Oh alright, I suppose she isn't that bad. " She turned and smiled at Scarlett for a minute before looking back at Elliot. "I made breakfast, do you like it?" She indicated to the cart.

"Yeah Mom, thanks! It looks delicious!" He answered enthusiastically. She beamed and then announced that she was going out with Tom and flounced happily out of the room, locking them up as usual.

Elliot sighed and ran his hand through his wet hair. "Sorry about that."

Scarlett stayed squished up in her corner and looked pointedly at his towel. He glanced down and winced. "Sorry about that too." He then went back to put on his clothes.

He came out a few minutes later and picked up a plate from the cart. He began piling it up with food but stopped when he saw Scarlett still in her corner.

"Aren't you going to eat?" He asked. Scarlett sighed and got slowly to her feet. She was starved, she needed the nutrients.

She scooped some scrambled eggs onto her plate and took one poppy seed muffin. As an afterthought she took a glass of grape juice as well. Elliot sat on his bed and Scarlett in her corner, eating awkwardly for awhile before Elliot swallowed and spoke.

"So, ah… do you want to talk now?"

Scarlett sighed and answered, "What's to talk about?"

He smiled halfheartedly. "You can start with your name. I still don't know what it is."

"It's Scarlett. Scarlett Richards." She still felt numb, like an empty shell. She didn't want to talk because she didn't want to do anything. She wanted to just die somewhere. But she knew she couldn't. She couldn't abandon Zack and Stephanie now that Harry was gone. She had to stay strong and get out of this nuthouse.

"Scarlett? It suits you. I suppose you've heard, but I'm Elliot. And as I told you last night, I really am sorry that you're here." He studied his plate. "But there's nothing to do to fix that now."

"You said you liked me, and liked having me here. What were you talking about?"

Elliot looked up and stared at her as if it were almost obvious. "Scarlett I said that because if I hadn't, if I hadn't begged my mom to let you stay here, she would've had Tom kill you." Scarlett watched him, an unreadable expression on her face. "You see, my mom may seem nice and jolly, but as you saw she's very attached to me. I fear that she is becoming attached to Tom as well. In any case when it comes to keeping me near her she is very good at it. She won't let you just walk away if I said I didn't like you, because she knows that it runs the risk of you telling everyone about this and then I would be taken away from her." He explained quietly.

Scarlett nodded slowly. "So your mom appears innocent but is cunning and sharp. That's good to know. Is she bipolar?"

"I'm not really sure what it is my mother has. I have read a lot of medical books about mental illnesses but I'm definitely not a doctor so I have no right to diagnose her with anything. I know she has something though. Of course she never will go to a doctor herself, or take pills or any other kinds of medications." He sighed. "My mom really isn't a bad person; you just have to know how to handle her." Elliot explained.

Scarlett sighed herself. "Well fortunately I'm never going to learn. I'm getting out of here." She said plainly.

Elliot's head snapped up. "No! No, no, no. Scarlett listen to me, you can't get out of here. It's far too dangerous."

"I can't stay here forever!" Scarlett protested.

Elliot put down his plate, got off his bed and came and kneeled down in front of her. He gripped her shoulders, looked her in the eyes, and said "Please, Scarlett you don't understand. It isn't just my mom that you would have to worry about, there is Tom now too. You know just as well as I do that you can't take him on. Even if you did manage to make it out of the house you wouldn't make it very far. Scarlett, I'm sorry, but this," he let go of her shoulders and gestured to the room. "This is your life now."