Hi Guys this is my Story of Molly and Review it

There is a lot of Stories of Molly. And this is her life about herself and I well tell u guys about my story.

This is about Molly:

Molly – is a 16 years old girl who used to be a new girl at town and she meets nice friends and she trained Karate at Bobby wasabi Dojo, she don't likes bullies at school. Until one day she meted the wasabi warriors and she meets Jack and Kim who really the black belts. Molly is really shy to say hi to Jack. She the 3 dredge black belt as well. She was a vampire and Jack is a half vampire and a werewolf

About Molly:

Age: 16

Crush: Michael

2nd Crush: Jack (who still with Kim)

Friends: Kim, Jack, Jerry, Rudy, Julie, Milton and Lilly

Type: Normal, Vampire and Sister

Family: Jane (Her Cousin), Laura (Her new babysitting), Mom and Dad (Died)

This is about Molly and Please review this story