Part 2 – of Molly's Birthday

*Next Day*

I saw a lot of presents in the tv. When I wake up. But it days off and I have to ask Lilly.

Molly: Why there presents in my room

Lilly: oh um rudy and the gang carried them here.

Molly: should I have to open them

Lilly: Yes. I well come to see to open the presents

Molly: Okay.

Lilly turn off the stove and we ran to my room to open the presents

Lilly: Hey sis

Molly: Yeah Lilly

Lilly: this one from Me

Molly: can I open it

Lilly: Sure

I open my present and I was superise it was a necklaces . /necklaces/jet-crystal-statement-necklace/

Molly: Wow! Thanks Lilly

Lilly: no problem. Oh way by the way are we going to school

Molly: no we don't. Kim told me we have a day off

Lilly: Okay

*At Dojo*

(Kim POV)

I saw jack punching a dummy and I really sure. What happened last night to Molly? But why she really knew they thing

Kim: Hey Jack

Jack; Hey Kim. What up

Kim: um so what happened last night at Molly's 16th birthday

Jack: *sight* u got me. I was a vampire and I don't want anybody that I am a vampire. But now Molly is afraid of me

Kim: Molly is not afraid of u Jack. But she has some feelings for herself

Jack: So she still friends with me

Kim: Yeah of course

This is Chapter 2 of the second love story of Kick. It really sad that Jack is afraid of Molly. But she not afraid of it. So she still friends with the Wasabi. Found out on Chapter 3.