So this is how it feels
How to be human
What is this
Pain, sadness
Feels like I'm going crazy
Maybe I'm already crazy
Everyone tries to help
But are they really helping
I do not know anymore

What have I done
What am I doing
I like writing
I really do
But writing this does not make any sense
Maybe it does
But who cares

People will read this
I hope they would
Some of them can relate
I hope they could
But most of them won't
And would just pass these words by
I am writing these words to help me feel better
Because seriously there's no other way in the world
That can help me do so
Please bear with me
Ride with me

I told you this doesn't make sense
These are all my ramblings
Well, say hello to world
And my world smiles back
I am thankful that I have this now
Because through this I can lock doors
And open new ones
I am happy that you're reading this now
Thank you
And goodbye