Hi Guys! This is my first poem I've published, I hope you like it, it's advice if you are being bullied.

When a bully knocks you down
You get back up and
Look them in the eye
Never show them your weaknesses
And stand tall.

If they knock you down again
Get back on your feet
Don't give them the satisfaction
Of you staying down
So always get back up

If they knock you down again
Grab their feet and pull them over
Make that their warning
Stand back up and walk away
Don't turn back.

If they dare mess you around
One last time
Give them what they deserve
A punch to the stomach
Make it clear

The answer is to tell someone
Someone you trust
They will bring help
And happiness
And Love

So if you are being bullied
They may knock you down
But they can't keep you there
Be the bigger, stronger person
And get back up and walk away