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I ran to the front door and pushed it open, I walked inside and closed it with so much power that it echoed in the whole house.

"MOM..." I screamed as I went down the hall looking for her like a psychopath, "MOM WHERE ARE YOU WE NEED TO TALK."

I walked in the kitchen to find her poring herself a glass of whine in her pajamas, she was probably gonna watch a movie before she gets to bed.

"Why are you screaming?" She answered as if she was drugged.

"Oh, I don't know," I answered sarcastically, facing her from the other side of the counter. "Maybe because a pop-star just dropped a bombshell on me..."

"Listen Casey I had a long day, and I really don't wanna fight with you right now."

It was really proving that she didn't care about whatever I was gonna say.

"Alright, then just listen," I took the glass of whine out of her hand. "Nick Jonas drove me home, and told me that I was destined to marry him."

"I don't-" She cleared her throat, "I don't know what you're talking about"

"Okay, how about this" I was gonna simplify things for her, "Did you throw me under the bus before I was even born?"

"Casey I... I really have no idea about what you're saying and Nick Jonas? That cute singer?"

"Excuse-me?" I was really shocked, is she pretending that she doesn't care or is it her true nature?

"Do you have ANY idea of what this means?"

She looked away, and didn't wanna cross my sight so I just let it out.


My screaming echoed in the kitchen, even the whine vibrated to the sound of my voice.

She looked at me, and I felt the tears filling my eyes but as I said it earlier, I'm too proud to do that (by that I mean cry) and ESPECIALLY in front of her.

"Casey, sit down."

She was now gonna explain everything...

I think!

I'm never sure of what she's talking about, UNTIL she's talking about it.

Does that make sense? Whatever...

I grabbed a chair, and I was about to sit down when I saw her doing the same.

"Your grandfather had a gambling problem, I was pregnant of you when we found out that he lost the house..."

She swallowed very difficultly the saliva stuck in her throat, and continued.

"...He had a friend named Paul. Paul Jonas, he gave him a lot of money in exchange of..."

"A grand-daughter!" I finished the conclusion my self.

"At first I didn't know why he was doing this to me, but he had sign a contract and it was saying that my 3rd girl had to marry a 3rd son"

I heard her voice getting a little bit shaky... Was she feeling sad?

"The contract said that if you wouldn't marry that guy by the age of 19. Everything we own would be taken away from us."

"So that's it? I gotta marry him, or we lose everything?"

She didn't answer, but I wasn't in need of a confirmation.

I stood up and started going back and forth, counting my steps along the beginning and the end of the counter.

I was so confused, why didn't she tell me earlier? Or else, why my father didn't react?

"What about dad?" I started, "He knew about this too?"

"Your dad did his best to find a way out of it, he didn't wanna see you marrying somebody you didn't love just to save us... But he didn't succeed, and he couldn't stand seeing you grow up to just leave him against your will."

"So instate, HE left..." I finished.

Suddenly. It hit me, I was never wanted except for this stupid deal. My mother never loved me, my father left me and my grand-father sold me before I even got to see the light. I was searching for one reason, one reason only that was keeping me from packing my stuff and get the hell out...

And now, I understand why she never loved me, she wasn't gonna be part of my life for that long so... Why holding on to someone you will lose eventually?

"I'm so sorry Casey..."

Along with her apology, tears started streaming down her face, and to be honest I really didn't know what to do, we've never talked like this and never got emotional around each other.

"Is that why you never loved me?"

I felt my throat closing in, probably from the sadness I was feeling, and the tears that were about to fall.

But most importantly, I saw the expression on my mother's face changing completely! She seemed surprised by the words that just came out of my mouth.

"Sweetie..." She stood up from her seat and came to hold my hands. "...You are the most amazing, non-selfish, brilliant and talented person I know. You've never asked for my help, never got yourself into trouble and always solved other people's problems..."

I felt a hot salty liquid coming from my eyes and finishing on my cheeks, but my mom whipped it off my face.

"You remember the day when Ashley and Kayla came home with bruises on their arms?"

Struggling through the tears, she tried to draw a smile on from the memory of that day.

"It was because of that bully girl who used to hit them at school... Remember what you did?"

I looked down for a second before speaking.

"I went to see her and broke her nose!"

I smiled too, it proved that I was a bad-ass since my young age, and it reminded me of how much I love my sisters and my family in general, and that I can never let someone treat them the wrong way.

"Yes, you also told her that if she or anyone of her friends touches your sisters again. Casey Edwards will make'em wish they weren't born."

We started laughing thanks to that memory.

"I knew from that moment, that you are able to take care of yourself no matter what."

Hearing this from my mom really warmed up my heart, maybe she doesn't suck after all.

"Casey I will never stop loving you, even if my heart stops beating."

For the first time of my life, I felt the love of a mother. How some simple encouraging words can solve everything and make you forget about the rest of the world, I was in the arms of my mother and I felt... Safe!

But like I said, the future and the present as a matter of fact, of my family depended on that marriage. If we don't have money, my sisters won't be able to pay for college so they will be stuck here wishing they can do something else with their lives. My mother will lose the house, the only place she ever had and I... I can never let anything bad happen to any of my loved ones.

So I had to marry Nick.

After we both whipped our tears away, we both got into our rooms to get some sleep. I felt like I could finally breathe, it was time for us to move on from all the bitterness of my childhood, forget everything and start fresh.

I was looking out my window, looking at the night sky, at all those beautiful stars shining so bright one beside the other.

With my fingers, I touched the glass as if I was touching the stars, wishing I could fly and join them.

Fly away from all this, fly away to find peace.

For the first time of my life I wished I could fly away, to be someone else...

I looked in the mirror and saw one messy haired skinny girl with puffy red eyes, probably from all the crying.

The scariest part, was that cold and empty look on my face, it was like somebody else was staring at me. I didn't even recognize my own reflection!

I felt the lump in my throat forming, and the tears rushed in once again. But I didn't let them fall, I needed to be strong for my family and do what's best for them.

From now on, I will never show any sign of weakness. I will stay strong.

"Stay Strong..." I whispered to my reflection in the mirror.

As I got to bed, I received a text on the phone that Nick gave me earlier, it was from him.

Nick: You're sleeping?

How the hell, was I supposed to answer this if I was sleeping?

Me: Yes...

I answered back. Wanna play dumb? Let's do it...

Nick: Ha-Ha

He answered shortly.

I caught myself smiling at his text, just to think that he might smiled at my respond made me smile.

Nick: Gotta talk to you, can we have dinner tomorrow? I'll pick you up at your place.

Since I'm gonna be his wife, why not...

Me: Okay.

Nick: 7 works for you?

Me: Yep.

Nick: Alright, goodnight Casey ^^

What's with the "^^" ?

Me: Night...

I know what you guys gonna say, I was very cold, but I don't care. I can't think straight and, I just want to sleep.

The Next Morning

The walk to school goes unnoticed by me, to be totally honest I was still trying to process what happened yesterday. Did Nick Jonas really came to my school, and told me that we're getting married? Or else, did I really had a serious talk with my mom?

The bell rang just as I arrived to school, I saw the crowd entering and the emptiness of the yard reminded me of my empty, and drained out of emotions heart.

Ronnie was the only one left, waving at me from a distance. Obviously waiting for me. I took a deep breath, and moved towards her...

"Hey C," She hugged me as usual. "What's with the face?"

She noticed my expression-free face, guess you can't hide anything from your best friend.

"Nothing... I'm..." I struggled talking with my throat closing on.

"I know you better than you know yourself, so spill it out."

She had a point, I was never able to hide anything from her, but as I was going to speak, I felt my eyes getting watery, and I couldn't keep my tears anymore...

"Ronnie," I cried. "Something really bad happened to me."

I know I made a promise to myself, that I was never gonna show any sign of weakness. But it was Ronnie! There was no way I was gonna put on a show in front of her...

She held me tight and tried to comfort me.

"Casey you're scaring me, what's going on?"

We went inside, directly to the girls bathroom where I told her everything.

Nick. The Marriage. My mom. And the consequences of me saying No...

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