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I woke up on my stomach, my face planted in the dirt. I groaned as I tried to get off of the ground, but I immediately fell back on the ground due to a sharp jolt of pain in my right side. What…happened? The last thing I remember was a mom-forced-us-to-go family hike. Wait. Where's Trix? "Trix!" I tried to call out to my twin, but it didn't come out as loud as it was supposed to. Instead, it came as more of a strangled cry, but I didn't care. I had to find Trixie. "Trix! Where…urgh…where are you?" I tried once more, grabbing the tree that had most likely caused my pain (considering how close I had been to the tree), and pulled myself into a sitting position. The sharp jolt of pain in my side made me look down to examine the damage. It was times like these that having a dad as a doctor mattered the most.

No real damage had been done - just a slight gash. Though, I still knew that if I didn't treat it fast, it might get infected, and where I was didn't help. I was sitting on the floor of the jungle that my mother had decided to make us hike in and there was no telling what had been in there.

Trying, and failing, to stand, I heard a quiet, confused voice call out. "Max…Max?" I realized it was my sister. "Trixie! I'm…ngh…over here! Can you-ow! Can you walk?" After some shuffling, a groan, and a little rustle few yards away, Trixie emerged from a pile of rubbish and bush. "Are you all right, Trix?" She nodded and, after opening bleary, tired, and scared eyes, she made her way to me. She dropped to her knees in front of me and hugged me until I keened because she touched my wound. "Oh my…oh my gosh! What happened? Don't worry! I'll…uh…go find Mom and Dad!" she told me as she rushed off to find our parents.

I think I passed out again after she left, because the next thing I knew, Trixie was shaking me -hard, I might add- and screaming, tears trailing down her face. Seeing my sister like this made me angry, but sad, angry at who or what caused her tears and sad because she was. I pulled her to my chest, despite my pain, and she clung to me for what felt like an hour until she was ready to talk.

"I found Mom and Dad." She sniffled. I gave her a look that said 'Where are they?' tears welled up in her eyes again and she bawled as she cried, "They're…dead! The explosion…it killed them! What do…what do we do…Max?" I froze, tears threating to spill from my eyes as well, but I knew that Trixie would never recover if I broke down, too. "Well, first we…" I was cut off as we heard a strangled cry, followed by a groan and an almost inaudible 'Help!' "Trixie, come on. Help me up."

What we found was not what we had been expecting. We found a small plane (or what was left of it after its crash landing), looking to be able to hold about eight people. "Max, we need to check to see if there are any survivors! Then we need the first aid and emergency kits!" I nodded, moving to start checking pulses on people that looked possibly alive as she started her search for the kits. "Urgh…h-hel…p…m-m-m…me…" someone suddenly grunted. I whipped around, regretting the decision immediately when the pain in my side returned, to see a tall, dark-headed young man sprawled in a broken seat in the very back with a piece of rubble covering his chest. "Yes, hold on." I assured, walking over to pull the rubble off of his chest and assess his wounds. "Trix! Hurry up with those kits! Got a survivor!" She yelled back in the affirmative, and I looked back to the suffering boy who had started sucking in breaths as soon as I took the rubble off of him.

"Ok, I need you to stay calm. You have a slightly deep cut on your forehead, a broken finger…let's see…surprisingly -but thankfully- no broken ribs, a major gash across your right thigh, and a broken radius." He nodded, grunting as I gently ran my fingers over his left leg, feeling the broken bone inside. "You and your sister…nngh…ow! Are you both okay?" he asked. Nodding, I answered, "Yes, I've only got a slight gash on my right side and Trixie was miraculously unhurt and escaped with some bruises and a few scratches." He nodded as Trixie bounced up to us. "Here, first aid. I'm still looking for the emergency." As soon as I took the box, she bounced away.

I did what I could with a few nearby sticks and some gauze to splint his finger, I cleaned his forehead and the gash on his leg as well, bandaging it with half a roll of gauze. I, then cleaned my wound and used the rest of the gauze on that roll. We had three more, which was good. "Trixie!" I called. "I need four long, thick branches, please! Pronto girlie!" She 'yep'ed as she ran by, snapping them off a tree nearby and coming back. I caught her wrist before she could bounce off again. "Broken radius. We need to reset it. Hold his hand and hold his left thigh down, please." Trixie nodded and he held his hand out to her as she put pressure on his thigh. "All right, I'll count to three. One…" I gently put my hands on either side of the break. "Two…" I put one foot behind me to get more leverage on the ground. "Three!" I pushed the break, resetting it, as Trixie had to actually sit on his thigh to hold it still and he screamed. "Trix, the branches?" Handing them to me, I braced them against his left leg after straightening it out so he couldn't walk on it as Trixie wrapped the second roll of gauze on it to keep the branches in place and stable it. "Now that that's over with, I'm Max Ritter and this is Trixie, my twin. So, buddy, what's your name?"

We learned that his name was Hugh O'Neill, he had been traveling alone to see his father, and was fifteen years old, only a year older than Trixie and me.

"It's midday, so we need to set up shelter and find food." I told them. "Trix, can you keep looking for the other kit?" Nodding, she kept her bounce as she walked away. "I took a survival class two years back. I also know that papaya trees grow here. I'll stay here with your sister, obviously, since I can't walk. If and when she finds the emergency kit, I'll instruct her how to set a tent up and start a fire if you would like to go looking for some papayas." I smiled and thanked him for looking after my sister and set off after he explained what papayas looked like to me.

Let's see…green…oval-shaped…tiny black spots…um…ha! Yes! Are these… I took out a pocket knife that I've always got with me and trie to reach the fruit above me. I stretched my arm as far as I could and I could barely grasp the bottom of it. I yanked it down and, since I didn't have a good grip on it, it fell from my hand and knocked me on my head. "Ow…" I picked it up and spilt it open to see if it had the orange insides and black seeds. With luck, it did. "Yes!" I yelled as I jumped up and down. I climbed the tree to throw as many as I thought I could carry down and jumped back down. Gathering the fruit in my shirt, I walked back the way I came, looking for the landmarks that I had made sure to remember.

Trixie was digging through a small backpack when I got back to them. "S'that the emergency kit?" She nodded, not looking up from her spot on the ground. I looked at Hugh (who had apparently passed out again, but she assured me that she was doing check-ups every few minutes) and then around where we were. The plane's explosion had blown a few trees over, creating a very small clearing. Trixie had gotten Hugh out of the plane wreckage and had also started a fire. The last thing I noticed was that, after building a shelter, she had pried some of the metal from the plane's frame and put it over the shelter to support it. I was very proud of her. "Here. Papayas, fresh from the jungle." I said, dumping the fruits from my shirt and going to wake Hugh up. "Hey, wake up, please. I need to know if we can stick a stick through the through the papayas and roast them over the fire or not. Hello?" He grumbled something and blinked before nodding and closing his eyes again. "Ok. Trix, let's shove some sticks in some fruit." Trixie giggled at that.

Hugh woke up right after we had deemed our fruit roasted enough. "Can I have one of those?" he asked sleepily. Trixie giggled at his bed head and Hugh and I smiled at the adorable laugh. "Yeah, sure." I handed him a burnt papaya and he dug in happily. "Fanks. Is goo'" Trixie giggled again and we decided to sleep after everyone was done since it was getting dark out.

The next morning, I woke up with Trixie clinging to me like she would for dear life and Hugh gone. I groaned as I sat up, prying Trixie off of my side, thankfully the one that wasn't cut. I got off of the ground and left the shelter as quietly as I could and went to look for Hugh. "Hugh? Where are you?" I called. I heard a grunt from nearby and then, "'M over here. I'm fine, just trying to get some more food. I found a Sapote tree. Can you help me get some of the fruit?" I walked over to him to help as I asked, "What's a Sapote tree?" He smiled softly and told me, "It's a tropical tree that has wood like mahogany and sweet, edible fruit. I've had it before, it's good. Have you…" A girlish yelp was heard from where we had set up camp and I rushed back, the fruit piled in my shirt bouncing, probably making me look ridiculous.

"Trixie are you…" I trailed off as I saw her sitting by the fire that was now relit, giggling. "What'd you do?" She just giggled harder at that and by the time Hugh made his way to us and asked the same question, she was wiping tears from her eyes because she was laughing so hard. "I think she's gone insane." I whispered to Hugh; he nodded in agreement. When she finally calmed down, she explained that she had been trying to light a fire and had accidentally struck herself with the match. She yelped, thinking she was going to be hurt and started laughing at her foolishness. "You're such a ditz. Sometimes, I think you weren't just born blonde physically, but 'blonde' mentally, as well. Hugh snickered and said, "You're blonde, too, ya'know." as she pouted. I nodded and told him as seriously as I could, "Yep, but, unlike her, I embrace my 'blonde' moments." We all laughed and continued our breakfast.

After we were done, Trixie fell asleep again with her head in my lap. "You know, I'm tired as well. How do you have so much energy? I mean, you have a broken leg!" Hugh chuckled and only told me that 'I have to have good energy. Who would've gotten up to find the fruit?' "You're our hero, you know that? I'd bet both mine and Trixie's life on the fact that neither of us would have known what's edible and what's not. Seriously man, you're a life saver." He smiled, thanking me, when we heard a rustle a few yards away. "Shhh…" he whispered to me. "It could be anything." As I was going to gently push Trixie off my lap so I could check it out, a large cat appeared out from behind a pile of rubble and tree. "Uh…Hugh…" he covered my mouth and put his other hand to his lips, signaling 'Shhh!' He then pointed to my pocket knife lying nearby. "Slowly move. My guess is that we only have a few minutes to live…if that. Grab the knife and step forward, in front of your sister. If she wakes, you'll be in the way and the animal will go for the first thing that moves. Are you okay with risking your life for her?" he whispered, pausing in between words so that it would make less of a threat for the feline to move. I slowly nodded, taking a step to the side. In the corner of my eye, I saw Hugh move as well to take the big cat's attention off of me. I moved again and he did the same.

We did that until I reached my knife, doing it again so that I could move in front of my sister. It growled, stiffening when Trixie moved to rub the sleep from her eyes and sit up. "What's going…" She then screamed as she realized what was once standing in front of us, but was then leaping for me. When I look back on it, in that moment, the one thing that went through my mind was 'Thank God for karate and boxing lessons!' I slashed at it like I was boxing and it hissed as it hit the ground again. It got back up leaping for me again, but I threw my leg up in a sideways kick and got it in the side. It yelped, then hissed, and tried to come at me once more. This time, I aimed the knife at its throat, slashing right through its tough neck. It slammed into the ground for the last time and I breathed a sigh of relief. Then, I remembered Trixie, who was probably traumatized, sitting on the ground behind me. I turned around slowly to find her crying, but with a smile on her face. "Max…you saved us." She whispered, slowly getting up to hug me. I smiled into her hair, hugging her back.

"You know, you told me this morning that I was the hero, a life saver, but I think you proved today that you're the real hero, here. And you sister, she'll be looking up to you for the rest of her life." Hugh and I were out, sitting by the fire that afternoon as it was getting darker, though not completely dark, and Trixie had gone to bed. We had been talking and it had gotten quiet for a few minutes before he finally told me that. I smiled at him and said, "When we get out, if we get out, we'll have to keep in contact." He nodded at that and grinned. "Definitely." Suddenly, we heard a buzzing sound -at least, that's what it was at first. Then it got louder and louder until it started making our heads hurt. I recognized the sound, though, and shot off the ground. "The flares! Where are they? That's a helicopter!" Trixie emerged from the tent-like shelter with the gun in hand. "Here! Hurry! Shoot!" She tossed them to me and I shot two, just as the chopper went by. It passed, but the sound didn't go away and we suddenly saw it again, this time with a ladder trailing from it, a person in an orange suit climbing down it.

The guy jumped to the ground and quickly came over to us. "Are you survivors of the recent plane crash?" he yelled over the wind. We all nodded and he spotted Hugh, still on the ground, with his leg still in the braced. "Is he hurt?" he yelled again. "Yes! Broken radius and finger and a major gash on the right thigh. I have a gash on my right side, as well, but both I and my sister can climb." I yelled back. The guy nodded and signaled to the people in the chopper and they sent down a carrier basket. "I need you two to climb up the ladder. I'll be right behind you! Are there any more?" We hung our heads and shook them, heading for the ladder.

I let Trixie go up first and Hugh passed us, waving, as he was pulled into the helicopter just before we reached the top of the ladder. We were then pulled in as well, then the guy behind us, and the door was closed. "So, were you the only survivors?" one of the others asked. "Sadly, yes, though Hugh," I pointed to him, "was the only one in the plane. We -my sister and I- were hiking with our parents when the plane hit. Our parents died, just as the rest of the plane's passengers did. I reset his leg, but it still needs to be treated, probably re-broken and reset. I took care of our cuts as best I could." All of the adults looked at me like I was alien and, as I was going to defend myself, Trixie stepped in. "Our father was a doctor. I never listened to him when he ranted about different treatment for different things, but Max sure did." Everyone around us laughed and the spirits were raised as we were taken back to society.

When I look back on it now, I'm glad that I went on that trip. I mean, yeah, my parents died, but I made a new friend, I put my physical skills to use outside of competitions, and I learned a few things about survival. I also gained even more trust from my sister and learned about some tree I didn't even know exists. It was a learning experience I'll never forget.

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