I stared nervously at my new place.

I was finally on my own. No parents, no grandparents, no friends, and NO RELATIONSHIPS!

That last one was very important.

It was time to get back to me, figure out just who Keeta Reese was. Completely and utterly independant and on my own.

Its not like I was sheltered or lived the high life, it was just this was my first time not living at home, or in dorms, or with a friend and/or boyfriend in their house.

I was 23 and I really just wanted to live for myself. My sister was attending college in Atlanta on full scale scholarship and my parents were finally able to retire and start traveling.

I had spent most my life taking care of people; family, friends, and Braydon.

Ugh, no! I refused to give him any thought.

It was time to stop and take care of me. With a new town, a new job and a new start.