I was a complete bundle of nerves.

I looked at myself in the mirror of the faculty bathroom for the millionth time and evaluated myself from head to toe. I had decided on a nice brown sweater, dress jean slacks, and brown heeled lace up boots. I accessorized the outfit with bronze studded earrings and a gold neck that matched my brown and gold purse. My cream-colored coat highlighted my outfit and bronze themed make up. Ashley (my best friend) had suggested that I put my hair up in a French bun.

I had to admit I looked pretty darn serious. I sighed. Although I may have looked the part, I wasn't sure I was feeling it; Clean and professional, yet young and modern. I wanted to be someone the students could admire and respect. Someone they could talk to.

"Wow, you look amazing!" I smiled at Marie, who taught Humanities down across the hall from me.

"Thank you. I thought if I looked good I'd feel good. You know, feel more confident?"

She smiled back. "Is it working?" I shook my head shamelessly and she laughed.

"Don't worry about it. The students here at this academy are really great and really respectful. They may play a couple of pranks on you since your hum- new!" she shouted slightly, "Since you're new." She gave a small cough before rushing out "well don't let them scare you off, see you later!"

After she left, I took one last look myself, then walked out as well.

The hallways were surprisingly crowded and filled with chatter as students began findings friends, swapping stories and comparing class schedules. There were a couple of boys throwing a football around as I rounded. The boy caught the ball but then ran into me. Students who had seen it began laughing and snickering at the scene.

The boy was huge! He was tall, lean muscular with blue eyes and blonde hair. Luckily, great reflexes must have been his thing because he had braced himself before hitting the ground with one hand and kept me from banging my skull on the floor, with the other. Then in one swift motion he had us both standing. Everything had happen so quickly I hadn't even had time to drop my bag and paper.

The boy blushed furiously. "I'm, uh, really sorry about that." I finally snapped out of la-la land and smiled.

"It's alright just please be careful, you could really get hurt or hurt someone else playing in these crowded halls." I wiggled my finger at him then poked him in the chest. "Be careful."

The boy laughed and saluted me "yes ma'am, whatever you say gorgeous!"

I just shook my head and walked past him. When I got passed his friends I heard a couple of wolf calls and just kept on walking.

I finally reached the classroom and entered completely unprepared for the sight I encountered.

It wasn't the extremely large, fully stocked chemical cabinets, spacious workbenches, or crystal clean laboratory that took my breath away. No on the contrary it was the fine specimen of a male that stood against the window, arms folded across is broad chest and staring at me as I stood in the door.

He had to be at least a foot over my 5'1'' full figured frame, and his biceps looked like the size of cantaloupes. His beautiful deep gold eyes and dark brown hair gave him that bad boy mystery. I couldn't believe someone this attractive even existed let alone was standing in my new classroom.

His eyes appeared to literally lit up and glow momentarily, before changing back.

I heard him murmur something before he charged right up to me and grabbed my wrist gently before yanking me closer to him. His eyes bore deep into my own hazel ones as they grew closer and closer. I hadn't realized how close we were until the bell suddenly rang. I jumped at the unexpected sound and literally bashed my head into his face causing him to reel back. Students began flooding in, as I rubbed my forehead and he rubbed his nose.

"I am so sorry, Mr…"

"Kaden!" The class seemed to roar as they rushed in and crowded him, I was side-stepped as this 'Kaden' person was surrounded. My cheeks reddened a bit as I realized we'd almost kissed. I placed a hand on my chest and went around the desk.

Once everyone seemed done fussing over 'Kaden' I called everyone to attention.

"Hello class," most of the students got quiet, "my name's Keeta Reeves and I am your new science." Most people stared at me disbelieving.

"No way" someone shouted.

"Yes way," Mr. Hadden, the academy's headmaster responded from the doorway. "Ms. Reeves, is one of the youngest most renowned molecular biologist in the country. Everyone, please treat her with respect," his eyes seemed to narrow at Kaden. "Everyone."

Kaden seemed to shrug and then find a seat at a work bench in the front, to the far right. Wait, what?