When I was 19 I was an escort, and it lead to me being kidnapped. And I had my own apartment for a while. Then I moved in with Steven when I met Steven. It was instant attraction. He made me feel safe and secure and we somehow ended up having sex, but I still had giant trust issues so I rejected his offer to stay with him and rented from a landlady instead. A couple of months later I moved from that place to another because there were too many damn people there. A couple months after that, my roommate that I was renting from told me she was not renewing the lease and I had to get out. I did not have the money to immediately get another place.

I panicked and started calling numbers in my phone book. The first number I dialed was Steven.

When we met again at the bar, instant attraction again. I fell for him real hard. He himself wasn't really in a position to help me at the time so he put me with his cousin for a few weeks, and then we moved in together.

Then a few months later, there was an incident where we had an argument and he put all my stuff in the trash and posted naked pictures of me on the internet. We got evicted, I was homeless for a while, he went to Miami, and I followed him. We were both homeless and Steven left me and went back to Baltimore. I met a music manager named Jamaica who sent me to Orlando. That's where I met Stanley. And I have been living with Stanley ever since, I also got back in touch with my dad and stepmom and brother. And then after 5 years of living with him Stanley kicked me out and I'm at a homeless shelter again. I also still receive lots of racism.

I also got back in touch with my father and he took me back to Korea for a couple of months to visit my relatives and my deceased mother buried in Korea.