A/N: okay sure… this is a corny, cheesy and cliché story but hey let me write it down (= w =)…

February 14 today… yes its valentines… where people tries to celebrate it with their loved ones and their friends or their family. And for other people… it's their chance to confess

"Alright!" a black haired girl who is chubby that wears glasses exclaimed putting her clenched hands up in the air

"Today's the day!" she continued "do or die" she then whispered as she fixes her uniform and adjusts her glasses then smiled at the mirror

"I'm going!" she shouted looking at the potted plant that she named 'Core' then she smiled "wish me luck core" she took a last glance and went out her apartment

Sighing deeply she looked up and suddenly clapped her hands together and prayed "please let me say it properly!" and then after that she looked up with a look of determination written all over her face

School front gate

"DAMN THIS IS TOO CLICHÉ!" she shouted running through the gate and hurriedly going in the building and sprinted to her room

"SAVE" she whispered and found that the teacher wasn't there but… all her of classmates are looking at her. She then stood up straight and fixed herself and went to her table. With a relieved sigh she puts her bag on the side and slouched down the chair and then noticed the person near the window isn't there yet…

Looking aimlessly at the desk of that person then suddenly turning her attention at the door she looked a bit disappointed when no one came in other than the teacher. Standing up for the greeting then a quick attendance the class started.

A good 5 hours has passed and homeroom had already finished and it's time for Lunch. And the girl earlier was spotted walking around aimlessly inside the school building

"Nathan" a boy suddenly patted her at the shoulder "where are you going…" he asked a bit concerned at the his friend

"Ah… Lukas… it's you…" she whispered looking at the boy with a blank expression

". . ." Lukas stared "it looks like you've just dropped a $100,000 vase and don't know how to pay for it kinda look…" he kept staring "what happened? Its valentines lighten up a little" he added which made the mood deeper in the gloom "ugh… don't tell me… that his not… is he?"

"No…" she answered

"So that's why you're depressed… so you made chocolates for him but not for your bestie (QwQ)" he teased

"Hey… I did made chocolates for him… I did some for you too… but I thought you don't like sweets so I changed it to biscuits" she explained then took a little pouch out of her slightly big black jacket and handed it to Lukas who is looking at her with sparkling eyes

"YOU REMEMBERED!" he shouted and suddenly gave Nathan a big hug as he accept the biscuits

At the roof top

"SO YOU SEE!" Lukas sniffed as he wiped the tears off his face "MY GIRLFRIEND DUMPED ME BECAUSE I TOLD HER THAT I DON'T LIKE CHOCOLATES!" he whaled and clung onto Nathan's arm and kept on hugging it like a plush toy

". . ." Nathan kept quiet and suddenly patted Lukas on the head tenderly and gently "there, there, don't cry, you'll spoil your beautiful face there… don't worry you'll find a better one" Nathan ruffled Lukas' hair and then smiled gently at him

"You really are nice" he sniffed a bit then looked at the pouch containing cookies "so… who you seek help when making these? I know you suck at cooking and baking…" he took one and bit it "but this is not bad at all"

"I'll take that as a complimented insult" Nathan sighed and Lukas just chuckled "I asked my home economics teacher for some pointers"

"Ohhh… Ms. Hillary?" Lukas asked and Nathan simply nodded "Hm… she's nice"

"Yeah" Nathan answered and leaned her head onto Lukas' shoulder "hey" she called


"Why are you hanging out with me when I'm nothing like a cute attractive girl?" she asked, Lukas just sighed and looked at her

"Not this again" he said rubbing his temples

"WHAT? I'm just curious you never answered that question" Nathan sat up straight and looked at Lukas seriously. Lukas just looked at her with a smile then patted her on the head "because your interesting" he replied

"Stop thinking lowly of yourself, if you're not content when I say that you're not unattractive then let me say that you're charismatic. You can lure people to be your friend when you need and want them to be since you're definitely fun to be with" Lukas tapped Nathan on the for head then sighed


"Saw that coming" Lukas smiled

"You're the only one who thinks of that… I don't even have that many friends… the mostly forget about me" the dark haired girl said pouting slightly at her friend

"Well you're the one who doesn't believe what I'm saying" he commented then suddenly tugged at Nathan's jacket "by the way you haven't answered the question 'why do you always wear this jacket'" Lukas looked at Nathan's skin "it's definitely got something to do with your pale white skin isn't?" Nathan sighed and looked at Lukas

"It's the only good trait about me… being white and all… I'm fat and ugly… not smart and not friendly… it's the only thing that's good about me, so I'm trying to maintain it" Nathan confessed "I'm practically gonna lose to Annie today anyways"

"Lose?" Lukas raises his eyebrow "lose on what?"

"Today is valentines. Me and Annie have a crush on the same guy, if she confessed first I'll back down" she said sighing heavily "well I never liked competitions" she added

"DON'T SAY THAT!" Lukas shouted and grabbed Nathan by the shoulder "He hasn't said ye-"

"YES!" the opening of the door to the rooftop was heard the same time the shout escalated. Both Nathan and Lukas looked at the person who just shouted

"Uh…" wide eyed, Nathan gaped and looked at the person straightly with a flushed expression

The owner of the voice then turned around a saw the two then suddenly blushed hard when he noticed that the two had have heard him yell "UH! NATHAN YOU'RE HERE!" he shouted jumping towards the two and suddenly grabbing Nathan's hand "I HAVE SOME GOOD NEWS!" he exclaimed

"Uh… Josh… please… your invading my personal space" Nathan said looking towards another direction and tries her best not to get flustered

"Oh yeah my bad" Josh hopped backwards but still kept his gaze on Nathan

"So what's the good news?" Nathan asked looking at Josh casually

"OH RIGHT!" he exclaimed again "You'll never guess! Annie confessed to me!" Josh yelled and spins around with enjoyment "Like who would have thought right?! The girl I like actually like me back! This must be faith!" Josh dramatically poses and then looked at Nathan that was looking rather shocked and disappointed

"Ah…" she said in a flat tone "I SEE! CONGRATS!" she shouted as she ruffles Josh's hair and gave off a big smile "YOUR SUCH A LADY KILLER!" she said "BUT BETTER BE WARNED IF YOU DARE HURT ANNIE I'M GONNA BEAT YOU UP!" she said jokingly

"I WOULD NEVER!" Josh said then salutes

"Seriously" Nathan whispered

"Hm?" Josh tilted his head

"Nothing! I said congrats! Don't make her cry or else… I'm serious" Nathan said then looked at Josh who is now blushing


"GOOD! Now you're free to leave! Go see your GIRLFRIEND!" Nathan ordered

"YE-YES SIR!" Josh shouted and saluted before running towards the door but went to a halt and turned back "Nathan" he called


"Thanks" Josh said then smiled "you helped me a lot" then finally exited the scene

Silence filled the roof top for a good 3 minutes

"Nathan" Lukas called to the girl who's just staring blankly at the sky

"Hm" She hummed not bothering on looking at Lukas at all

"Nathan" he called again

"I know" she said then turned "I told you already, didn't I?" she said half smiling "they're perfect for each other" she then stood up from her sit and fixed her jacket

"Today is such a beautiful day" She said and turned around to look at Lukas who suddenly hugged her quite tight

"If you want too, you can" Lukas said resting his hand on top of Nathan's head

"Moron" quiet sniffs and whisper was then heard and Nathan was grabbing onto Lukas' coat tightly as if she's gonna fall when she lets go

"Don't act as if nothing happened, if you do, then it's the same as you never really tried doing anything" Lukas said as he just hugged Nathan still until Nathan can finally tries to stand up by her own again

"I'm sorry" Nathan said sniffling

"It's not your fault" Lukas just chuckled

"But I… made it worse between you and your girlfriend" Nathan said as she was bowing her head down

"I told you… we broke up… it's not your fault" Lukas said then smiled an assuring smile

"BUT! (TT^TT)" Nathan tried to argue but then got pinched by Lukas by the side

"I told its fine" he then laughed "how about you are you feeling better?"He said patting Nathan's head

"Yeah…" Nathan wipes her tears and looked at Lukas "Thank you"

"Hm… You owe me" Lukas said then grinned evilly

"WAH?!" Nathan shouted "WHY!?"

"Because of you I missed the entire class after lunch" Lukas said then looked back at Nathan

". . ." Nathan can't retaliate since it's technically true

"But I'll forget about it if you'll treat me to dinner tonight" he said putting his hands behind his head "let's go on a date" Lukas offered

". . ." Nathan just looked at Lukas "Don't tell me"

"YUP!" Lukas exclaimed "A DATE FOR THE TWO BROKEN HEART ONES ON THE DAY OF VALENTINES!" Lukas exclaimed as he raised his hands up in the air

"Knew it" Nathan sighed but then turned into a smile later on "Fine. It's my treat"

Lukas grinned and looked at Nathan "OF COURSE IT IS!"

The next day at Lukas' house

"LUKAS!" someone shouted while trying to wake up the person lying flat on the floor "wake the hell up!" the voice became more and more panicked

"Hm… 3 minutes…" Lukas said as he rolled around the floor

"COCKROACH FLYING!" the voice exclaimed

"KYA!" Lukas screamed as he suddenly sat up holding anything that you can slap a cockroach with (combat stance on) "WHERE IS IT!" he kept looking from left and right but saw nothing. Then turned around "NATHAN YOU LIA-" he paused then suddenly backed up and was now hugging the wall "WHO ARE YOU AND WHERE IS NATHAN!" he looked at the person who owns the voice

"I dunno…" the voice said uncertain "But… I think… I'm Nathan"

"LIAR! YOU ATE HER DIDN'T YOU! SPIT HER OUT RIGHT NOW!" Lukas said holding the weapon (rolled magazine) and is now prepared to attack

"Lukas wai-"the voice was cut off when Lukas suddenly attacked the person with the weapon but was blocked with a swift hand and was pinned down on the floor "LISTEN TO ME"

"That move…" Lukas blinked "Nathan?" he asked raising an eyebrow. The person pinning him down nodded and moved to sit beside Lukas. Lukas then sat up then stared at Nathan

"Well… now that you mentioned it… you are Nathan…but… you lost some weight… never knew you can do that overnight…" Lukas said staring intensely at Nathan. Nathan sighed

"That's not the case" Nathan said and took one of Lukas hands and placed it on her chest

"WAIT WHAT ARE YOU DOI-"Lukas stopped, and moved his hand a bit roaming on the chest "Nathan I know your chest is flat but this is just too much… it's more like"

"A guy's" Nathan said looking at Lukas then sighed

"You're joking right?! THIS IS NO TIME FOR COSPLAY!" Lukas shouted


The door then suddenly opened with a bang


"MOM! NATHAN'S TURNED INTO A GUY!" Lukas exclaimed pointing at Nathan

". . ." his mom kept silent for a while "DID YOU DRINK TOO MUCH LAST NIGHT?" she said then hits Lukas' head "OF COURSE HIS A GUY! NATHAN HAS ALWAYS BEEN ONE" She said

". . ."

"WHAT?!" The two shouted in unison and found themselves hit on the head by Lukas' mom

"This is just absurd" Nathan said panicking and is breathing heavily

"Okay Nathan calm down and breathe" Lukas patted Nathan's back

"How can I 'CLAM' down?! You tell ME…" Nathan shouted

"But… now that you look at it on another side… you damn look hot as a guy rather than as a girl" Lukas said

"Are you trying to get yourself a one way ticket to hell?" Nathan said glaring at Lukas

"Calm down" Lukas smiled sheepishly (^^") Nathan sighed and placed his arm on the coffee table and leaned on it and stared at Lukas "so what are you suggesting me to do? Not get surprised by this?"

"Well… like I can…" Lukas said then sighed "so did you took a bath?" he then asked

"That's when I realized this (= w =")" Nathan said

"And where did you get your clothes…?" Lukas asked

"It was on me the whole time"

"Strange… it's like that… you're really a guy before you came here" Lukas said wondering and continue to stare at Nathan "and now that you mentioned it you look damn good with a wet look on" Lukas jokingly said

"Stop the humor I'm dead serious" Nathan glared at the blonde

"and I am too" Lukas replied "looking at your pale skin and your blue orbs with that jet black hair" Lukas put a hand under his chin "you look like a pretty boy in that state"

"Oh please no…" Nathan gloomed "I rather be chubby and nerdy rather than this…"

"Why so? You said you like to cosplay guys why are you panicking now?" Lukas asks sitting properly

"It's because… this body… isn't mine" Nathan whispered but was still heard

"What do you mean?"

"What I mean is…" Nathan looked at Lukas with a sad expression "I feel like I'm being laughed by the world… saying that your no good being a girl stop trying and gave me almost a perfect and my ideal body structure of a guy…" Nathan blushed

Wide eyed Lukas turned his usually playful smile into a smirk "Nathan don't tell me"

"STOP THINKING SOMETHING DIRTY! (= , =)" Nathan shouted

"PFT… BUT I WAS RIGHT!" Lukas shouted

"Shut the fuck up" Nathan said with a 'humph' kinda tone

"Well… aren't we gonna get late?" Lukas said looking at the clock and both of them stared at each other and ran down the stairs not even bothering to take a bath (well for Lukas' case) as they ran out of the house and to the train station

"Seriously…" Nathan said looking at Lukas' bed hair as he tries to fix it in the train many people was staring at them

"Stop that!" Lukas shouted a bit blushing… "I never thought you'd be taller than me…" he said "it seems like I'm the girl here…"

"Really?" Nathan tilted his head to the side and just shrugs it off

"Guru Guru" stomach growling was heard and the Nathan looked at Lukas "huh…" Nathan said

"Shut it…" Lukas pouted "I didn't have the time to eat…"

"So did I" Nathan said but reached to his bag and took out a small box "here" he handed it to Lukas

"What's this?" Lukas asked taking the box

"Hm… that's the chocolates I was suppose to give to Josh" Nathan said "don't worry it isn't spoiled yet" he added

"Oh…" Lukas opened the box and found small little truffles in it "wow… looks edible" Lukas said and Nathan glared (pout) at him "I was just joking" he then took a one and ate it "it's good" he said munching on another one

"Glad you like it" Nathan said and noticed that Lukas has a bit on his cheek "Lukas… your cheek is eating too?" Nathan chuckled and wiped it with his index finger "see" he showed Lukas who just stared at the finger then licked it

". . ." Nathan left silent "you… are you really that hungry?"

"Not my fault that I'm this hungry ( O 3 O )" Lukas said and Nathan just sighed

Then suddenly both came back to reality when they noticed people staring at them

"Oh… right…" Lukas said then laughed a bit

"Wha… What?" the clueless boy looked confused as Lukas was just laughing

"Nothing" Lukas said with a cheeky smile

"Weirdo ( = w =")" Nathan commented

"Oh wait I thought you don't like chocolates" Nathan said looking at Lukas as he finally finishes the last truffle

"Oh that… yeah… I don't like chocolates… specially if their too sweet" Lukas said as he licked his fingers clean "but I love dark chocolate though I rarely eat it since I get too hyper"

"So… the fact that you got dumped was entirely your fault too huh…" Nathan sighed

"Well she was two timing me also so I got my revenge" Lukas said putting the box inside his bag


"Yup, I humiliated her in front of her friend when I said 'I don't like chocolates' after her saying how hard she worked hard on it. BAH! PUH-LEASE" Lukas said then laughed evilly

"Man your twisted" Nathan said placing a hand onto Lukas' head, whirling Lukas' head a bit

"STOP THAT ( = w = )" Lukas said taking Nathan's hand off, off his head.

The train stopped and Lukas lost his footing and accidentally lent onto Nathan

"Yo. You're such a klutz" Nathan said as he helps Lukas stand properly

"SHUT UP" Lukas said while he was gonna get off the train

"Uh… you know this isn't our stop yet…" Nathan said raising an eyebrow

"I KNEW THAT!" Lukas went back in the train

"Yeah… sure… you… do…" Nathan whispered

"WHAT CHA SAY?!" Lukas shouted

"Nothin…" Nathan sighed and just followed Lukas when he sat down on the now empty seat


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