Chapter 3

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It was afternoon. The skies were dark and filled with ominous clouds that engulfed the entire sky not leaving a space for a ray of bright sun shine. Everyone can tell that it'll be raining soon so they hurriedly start to pack their bags after the last class of the day ended. Mothers hauling the laundry in as fast as they can, and students that forgot their umbrella hurried to go home after the school bell rang. This was defied by a certain student glued to his sit looking outside the window.

"It's gonna rain soon" He commented as he just let himself get drifted off to sleep. He was lazy and didn't really bothered on moving up a bit since his blonde haired friend apologized to him that he promised to come to the karaoke's with some friends of his. He felt neglected and Lukas can tell. So he made a promise to Nathan to do anything Nathan asks him to do tomorrow. Since it was a Saturday tomorrow, Nathan obviously can't be selfish and not let his bestie and childhood friend not have fun with some other kids so he said 'okay' to that thought even though his still quite depressed at the thought of him going home alone.

His currently living alone, since his parents are often away overseas and was offered by them to finish high school there. And the thought of them separating Nathan and Lukas away might be more troublesome if it came unplanned for both families since the two almost became as close as siblings that they can walk around naked in front of one another [even back when Nathan was a girl].

His parents actually would prefer it if Nathan would live with Lukas and Lukas' family. That would help Nathan's parents be less worried for their only son [daughter] since they found out that their kid has a bit of emotional problems here and there due to the fact of being left alone so often by his parents. Then he met Lukas a kid who lives next door. Usually Nathan had a caretaker that his parents employed when they're off to work and can't come back a couple of days or so.

They met at a park in the neighborhood. Lukas being bullied because of him being fragile and small and seemingly looking like a girl where as Nathan looked exactly the opposite. Lukas was tough and was ready to hit those boys but he was just too outnumbered and the girls can't possibly help him now can they? Nathan being irritated at the fact that he can't read his Manga in peace suddenly stood up going near the bunch of bullies and kept tripping them one on one.

Nathan was tall for his age. Even back then he was treated most likely like a guy and he acted like one too. After that all the bullies went back home crying and saying that they were bullied by this boy. The parents of the bullies were obviously concerned and went to the park with their kids and asked them to point out who this kid was. They pointed at Nathan obviously and were ready to give Nathan a scolding when he suddenly pulled a phone out and playing a video of the kids bullying Lukas and he simply said

"I was merely helping the outnumbered boy" he said in monotone and all the parents were caught in silence and apologized to Lukas and his parents [who just arrived] on the behavior of their kids.

In the other hand Lukas was staring at Nathan "Thank you" he said to Nathan giving him a candy which Nathan gladly took.

"That was really cool of you" Lukas said and was looking in another direction as he was slightly embarrassed about the situation

"No problem." Was his reply "And I think you should cut your hair shorter so you'd be more recognize as a boy" he opened the candy wrapper and ate the candy he just received.

"WAIT YOU KNOW?!" Lukas asked bewildered and Nathan simply nodded "I love you" Lukas suddenly said as he hugged Nathan so tightly that they both fell on the floor making Nathan's caretaker worried.

Patting Lukas' head slightly he mentioned that he couldn't breathe so he was freed from the bear hug.

"Lukas" he paused "that's my name, you are?"

"Nathan" he answered

"Let's play again together some time ye?" Lukas offered


And thus that was their first encounter. Sooner or later Lukas found out that Nathan was a girl and apologized for a whole month because of not knowing of that 'obvious' fact. Truthfully they got separated for 3 years when both was in junior high and they just got back together last year that it seemed that the two didn't grew apart one bit. But 3 years was still enough time for both to meet new friends. As for Nathan's part, the only friend he had was Nathan. The others were merely acquaintances.

"A dream…" Nathan huffed lifting his head that was over his crossed arms that was on top of the desk.

"I dreamed about the past… does that mean… I'm getting old?" He asked to himself realizing that he was still in school grounds and more likely in his classroom. If I was treated like a boy in the past and I can simply act it through… then there's no reason for me to be worried now is there? He thought to himself

Yawning while stretching his arms up, he took out his phone and looked at the time. "7:18pm" he said in monotone as he looked out the window. Rain was pouring hard and occasionally the sound of thunder and the sight of lightning can be seen. Reaching for his bag he looked for an umbrella and obviously found nothing. Sighing he just stood up and the door of the classroom opened.

"Nathan… the hell… why are you still here?" Lukas was panting as he went near Nathan. He was a bit soaked and obviously tired.

"I fell asleep" Nathan answered back taking off his jacket as he placed it on the shivering friend of his. "Did you bring an umbrella?" he asked. Lukas huffed and wore the jacket then nodding afterwards then both of them left the classrooms together.

"You're lucky that the campus wasn't locked yet. I had a hard time trying to sneak in" Lukas sighed and held the umbrella up as high as he can to Nathan's height

"Aren't you with your friends?" Nathan asked taking the umbrella and holding it up, easier this way…

Huffing in annoyance he glared a bit at Nathan and his height "I was… but then I tried calling you and you didn't even picked up once, I phoned your telephone back at your apartment and you didn't picked up either. So I was worried that you died in campus or something I hurried here"

A smile tugged on Nathan's lips when he heard the explanation then he sighed "How'd you know I didn't bring an umbrella with me?"

"Because you have this hooded jacket" he simply answered. Nathan huffed "You know me better than I do…" he whispered

"Hm? What was that?" Lukas asked as he looked up at Nathan "Tsk… WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BE TALLER THAN ME?" Lukas practically yelled this part

"I was always taller than you… even back when I was a girl…" Nathan replied with a shrug

"But this! THIS!" Lukas was tipping as he was trying to reach Nathan's height level and obviously failed… "Damn you… you turned into a giant."

A snort escaped Nathan's lips and that was rewarded with a death glare from the blonde as they continue walking down the roads side by side sharing an umbrella.

They stopped in a café to let the heavy rain pass. They couldn't afford on getting sick now since exams are around the block. And sharing an umbrella with someone isn't as clever. They would get a train soon when they reached the station but then again Lukas was soaked so they had to stop and let him take off some off his damped clothes.

Nathan was waiting for Lukas to come back as he was sipping on his cappuccino that make him yawn in every sip as well as taking a bite out of his doughnut. A good 10 minutes passed and Lukas finally came back with his blazer, polo shirt, tie and inner shirt at hand. Right now he was only wearing the slacks and Nathan's jacket that was zipped closed up to top but was still revealing some of his because of it hanging a bit loosely onto him.

Nathan can't seem to stop staring at the sight of it and he noticed that some of the men and women around them were looking at them. And his blonde companion didn't give a damn about it and just sat down onto his sit taking Nathan's half finished cappuccino and taking a sip from it.

"Rude." Nathan voiced out

"Well you weren't kind enough to order me something while I was away now let me drink this thing since I'm obviously shaking under my current clothes here" Lukas argued as he as well took the doughnut that only had one bite out of it.

"Rude…"Nathan just sighed this time and signaled for the waiter. The waiter then came as soon as he saw Nathan raising his hand up. Looking at the menu Nathan said his order to the waiter.

"Cappuccino and a doughnut" Nathan voiced looking at Lukas who was now raising a brow. "How 'bout you? Getting anything? Or are you gonna steal my food again…"

"If you're treating me" Lukas smiled devilishly and Nathan pouted… and just sighed then nodded and that made Lukas smile widen "Then I'll have the same" he voiced and the waiter nodded and left the scene

"Hm… why are you copying me"

"To lazy to look at the menu"

Nathan just rolled his eyes and was waiting for their orders… Bored at the first 2 minutes of waiting Nathan pulled out his phone and steadied it in front of Lukas then capturing some pictures. Lukas' eyes widen at the sudden flash of the phone

"Opps…" Nathan voiced out then deleted the picture "Once more without the flash"

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" Lukas asked his black haired friend that is seemingly taking pictures of him

"Taking pictures"

"I can see that… what for?"

"Since you rarely look cute in an outfit I'll take this opportunity to get some remembrance" Nathan said in a flat tone.

The blonde just looked at his black haired friend with a blank expression "You know sometimes" he paused then just hit his hand onto his face "I just can't get you" he continued

"Neither do I" Nathan commented smiling as the waiter can't seem to put their orders down because he felt like he was interrupting something

"Oh… you're here, sorry about that I was occupied" Nathan said as he let the waiter placed down their orders

"Anything else?" the waiter asked and Nathan simply shook his head then smiling he said thank you

"So you're staying over at my place right?" Nathan suddenly broke the silence between them that was there for the good 15 minutes when they were eating

"Yup" Lukas simply replied

"Told your parents?"

"Text them earlier"

"I see"

"You know you need to lend me clothes right?"

"If I have something to lend you… I didn't went back home yesterday remember?"

"Oh right…"

"Well if you don't we'll have to get you some clothes tomorrow or else" Lukas looked at Nathan with a knowing look and both of them sighed

"Yeah I know" Nathan said and peaked at the window. "We should get going the rain mellowed down now" he suggested and Lukas nodded. After paying the bills they head out of the cafe but to their luck or let's say to Lukas' luck he slipped just after they got out and bumped into someone.

With a weird 'HUH' just like from a gangster Lukas looked up and saw that it WAS from a seemingly stereo typical gangster group with bad sense of fashion

"So…Sorry" Lukas apologized bowing his head lightly

"Aren't you a cutie~?" one of them commented

Ugh just my luck… Lukas thought to himself

"Excuse me?" he tried to shake it off

"Wanna hang with us for a bit? Hm? Or are you with this hotshot over there?" Another one said then pointing at Nathan

"Uh yeah kinda" Lukas said looking at Nathan who just raised a brow.

"Well we can show you a better time. Come with us okay~?" they suddenly grabbed Lukas' arm and started dragging him. They were attracting attention. Nathan sighed then forcefully took Lukas back away from those people.

"Sorry but we're going home. It's already this late and I'm not allowing him to be touched by someone else" Nathan said raising a brow



"What CHA SAY?!" at this time everyone's eyes are on them and Lukas doesn't like it and started to tug onto Nathan's shirt. Nathan sighed and whispered 'troublesome' after scratching the back of his head.

"Yes. I can show him a better time… I can occupy him all night and he won't even feel slightly tired and we might continue till dawn" Nathan said well practically he wasn't lying he just got that game that Lukas wanted to play so badly.

The trio was dumbfounded when they found out that Lukas was a boy… and more importantly they… just heard Nathan's 'love' proclamation… and was now looking at Lukas with a faint blush and while his eyebrows were twitching and that made Nathan a whole lot happy to see his bestie's reaction. What's worse is that one of Lukas' friends passed by and ran off after hearing that.

"BLOODY HELL!" Lukas shouted as he entered Nathan's apartment kicking his shoes off and was pissed off as he took off his clothes and scattered it into the living room's floor and headed towards the bathroom. Lukas was pissed. Yup he was. Not because of the encounter with the hooligans but because that he tripped over and fell face first onto a puddle just right before they entered Nathan's apartment.

"Turn on the heater first before-"Nathan was interrupted by the sudden scream of horror coming from the bathroom. Sighing he made his way to the bathroom and turned on the heater "Wait for a bit then try again, I'll go get you some clothes" he said at the naked Lukas who was shivering in the bathroom who just nodded.

Picking up Lukas' clothes as well as his underwear onto the floor he placed them in the laundry rack and went to his bedroom. Surprisingly clean and all then he eyed his potted plant that he forgot to water yesterday. He watered the plant first before opening the closet and went wide eyed when everything in it was… clothes for his gender and size… it seems like he wasn't even a girl at all no hints of girly things [not as if he owned one] he just tilted his head and grabbed a shirt and a pair of shorts then proceeded to the bathroom.

Opening the door he saw Lukas in the tub playing around with the soap bar.

"I'll just put it here" Nathan said putting the clothes onto the sink

"Okay~" Lukas said completely fine now

"By the way is your head alright… that was quite a fall" Nathan commented

"I'll put ice after… and I don't think I'd die from that I had worse falls… remember at 6th grade I fell down a 12 stepped staircase and surprisingly didn't get a head concussion" Lukas fondly said as he blew some bubbles off his hand.

"Hm… seems so…" Nathan said and went near to Lukas then touched Lukas' forehead and caressing it smoothly "There's a bump here" he commented

Flushed a bit at the sudden intrusion Lukas blew bubbles onto Nathan and then murmured "I know" then pouted "Go make dinner" he demanded

"Yes yes my lord" Nathan teasingly said as he ruffled Lukas' damped hair then went outside.

Shit… that was unexpectedly awkward… with that shared thought both of them had a flushed face that both of them missed.


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