I run faster then ever,

Trying to avoid the needles hitting my face.

The blood drips down my hand,

like a soft piece of lace.


The night cloaks around me,

like a blanket of night.

Trying to hide me,

from the bright lights.


The wind whispers to me,

what have you done?

I try to ignore it,

but its no fun.


My shoes drag me down,

as I run away.

I try to get up,

But its smiling in my face.


He's waiting for me,

near a dark corner.

I slowly crawl forward,

To meet his new order.


He holds out his hand,

Then whispers to me,

your time has come,

please follow me.


He leads me back,

towards the light.

Than orders me,

not to fight.


They hold down,

and tie me up.

I hold my breath,

as they pick me up.


My time has come,

for me to face.

The tragedy,

that has taken place.


I had to do it,

I don't know why.

But the time has come,

for me to die.

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