Before the PSI era, parapsychology was considered a pseudoscience. Their aim was to figure out the truth behind the unexplained "paranormal" happenings in the world. Their work was the target for ridicule among researchers. Until their research led to a discovery that changed the world: ESP, extrasensory perception. Imbued in children at birth, psychics had various abilities such as levitation, astral projection, hypnotism and many others. Scientists eventually classified ESP types into three groups: Psionic, Projection, and Transmutation.

To aid young psychics in controlling their abilities, Esper Royal Academy was established. Funded by every major nation in the world, psychics train in the three groups. Those that are exceptional are granted special privileges and become part of the elite Axels. For as long as the system has existed, Axels have abused their special privileges and oppressed the non-elites that they called "middies" for their average level psychic abilities. Members of the Student Body Government and the Faculty have been concerned with the growing tensions between the students, unaware of the larger evil that is yet to befall them.

Sinistor Esper Academy, Kantokon City

"Azure! Azure! Azure, wake up!" a distant voice called.

Azure lifted his head from his desk, and drool slid down the side of his face. His classmates are all staring, laughing at him.

"Azure Grimoire, you know the consequence for sleeping in my class!" yelled his teacher. "I'd get you in trouble but considering the Dean just called for you, you're probably already in trouble. Well? Don't keep him waiting, get going!"

He groaned and rubbed his left eye, his right eye being covered by an eye patch, as he stepped out of the classroom. He could hear insulting whispers from his classmates, calling him "weird" and "lazy."

As he stepped through the hall he heard a familiar voice call out to him and his heart sank. When he turned around he saw Sharita, the resident weird girl. Her uniform was too big for her. She wore a long plaid skirt, and oversized blazer. She wore large glasses the covered beady green eyes. Her hair was short, brown and frizzy and freckles dotted her cheeks and nose.

Azure sighed.

"Azure, I know you don't want to hear this, but we need to talk," she said.

"Sharita, please leave me alone," he started.

"Why are you leaving for Esper Royal Academy? What's going to happen to our relationship?!" she exclaimed so loud that Azure was sure everyone in the building heard it.

Azure turned away from her and continued on his way to the Dean's office. He didn't have time for Sharita and her weird fantasies.

"You can't run away from this Azure! What was with taking me out to eat last weekend?" she yelled after him. "And what about that night I let you sleep in my room? What about being my first?"

At the last question Azure raced back to Sharita and placed a hand over her mouth.

"You're not supposed to talk about that," Azure whispered to her.

She took his hand off her mouth, "But you promised. And if you go to Esper then you're going to cheat on me and…"

"I can't cheat on someone I'm not dating," Azure said.

"I can't believe you said that!" she said. "Fine then Azure, go to Esper and find a really hot girlfriend and screw her brains out! I'll find you at Esper and gut you both. Asshole."

Azure, taken aback, but nonetheless relieved that the situation was dealt with, turned away again and headed back to the Dean's office.

Sharita looked longingly at Azure and a single tear fell from her eye.