Dr. Halpert's Research Log

Entry #37

Blood Scythe

The legend of the weapon, Blood Scythe, is not commonly known among people unfamiliar with the history of the Ashmedai people. The Blood Scythe (a confusing name to most given the weapon's nature as a sword, which will be explained later) was a sword belonging to a wandering man known as Rags the Brooding Exorcist. Before now, it was unknown where he had acquired the sword, though my research team and I have since established that it was in fact Transmuted using some combination of Marconian runic stones and trimetal ingots commonly found in Pre-Degonian era Asmodeus.

The Blood Scythe is a sword known in ancient Ashmedai legend for being the choice tool of exorcism for Rags. Apparently, Rags gave it its name in hopes of being known as the "Grim Reaper" though evidence shows it never caught on. Blood Scythe's power to absorb PSI from other sources has been treasured since its creation. Ever since Rags' death, the sword has been a national treasure of Asmodeus; however my crew and I are eager to confirm that the sword is in fact replicable with the power of PsyKers! Subject #09 was successful in Transmuting a sword with the exact same shape and ability. Today is truly a great day for Parapsychology.

The Day After the Fight: Axel Dorms

In the Senior Axel dormitory quarters located on the far south end of campus, an extravagant lounge area was located. It was a spacious room with couches, chairs and a coffee table. A large flat screen HD television was set up in the corner of the room, maximizing the viewing angles. Inside this room sat five students. Though they would agree that they were all watching EmTV, each was occupied with their own thing. Each had claimed their own couch or chair. Suddenly a student bursts through the door, breaking their collective concentration.

The young student, a freshman Axel, stopped nervously and bowed in respect of the five students and said, "Great Axel Kings, I've been told to bring a-"

"Hold on a sec, I thought we agreed to be called the Elite Four?" the single female of the five, Angelica Copperhead, interrupted.

"And I thought we agreed that was a stupid name because there are five of us," Max Rottweiler, another of five, said without looking up from his phone.

"Um, hello? The four of us plus Jack as the Champion. You're the nerd. I would've expected you to pick up on a Pokémon reference," she retorted.

"That's still stupid because the name refers to four people and doesn't recognize Jack as a member," Max said.

"So what? Being called the Axel 'Kings' is even stupider. Not sure if you've noticed but one of us, not dropping any names, is a fucking female. This isn't Japan. The word 'king' isn't gender neutral," she shot back.

"Are you really getting PC about this Angie? It's just like when you say countrymen. It's a given that women are included," Max replied, finally looking up from his phone. His blue eyes matched his blue hair.

"Are you really arguing that the word 'king' is-" she started before she was interrupted.

"Will you two shut up?!" yelled a young blonde, Tucker Bufo. "I want to know what this kid wants." He turns to back to the freshmen. "We were in the middle of something very important you know," he says.

The freshmen looks towards the television set which is displaying an ad for acne cream. "Um yes sir, right away. I was told to give you all a message, specifically for Miss Copperhead and Mr. Simian."

One of the five, a young man with dark emerald hair, sat up upon hearing "Simian." He rubbed his eyes and spoke in a weary voice, "Someone say my name?"

The freshman continued. "I'm-uh," he stuttered, "here to inform you all that the fight between Wally Bantam and the transfer student resulted in the stadium being burned down and tha-"

"That's what you needed to tell us?" Tucker asked.

"Pfft yeah, we kind of already knew that freshman," Angelica said.

"Yeah no kidding, that shit blew up my Titter feed," Darius Simian spoke.

"Nilly snapped this ill shot of it on Pictagram," Max said as he showed the others a picture of a burning stadium on his phone. A caption under the picture read "Idiot new kid burned down our stadium! And we only got to use it once! #wtfnewkid" It had 55 likes. "Sucks about the stadium though."

"Yeah," Angelica said pushing back a lock of soft pink hair behind her ears. "It's a good thing all our shit is funded by, like, the entire world. They'll probably just rebuild it for next year."

"Well actually, that's what I've been trying to get to," the freshmen spoke out.

"You're still here?" Darius asked.

"Um yeah. You're to be informed that there is no money in funding for repairs to the stadium which means that the Student Body Government is responsible for raising the money to cover the costs," he was finally able to say.

"What?!" Darius and Angelica asked in unison.

"Uh um er…" the freshman stuttered, intimidated by the older psychics' anger. "Ye-yeah. And um because Mr. Simian and Miss Copperhead are the Treasurer and Vice-President, um respectfully, this directly involves them."

"But why?" Darius complained. "We're the Elite Four! (Angelica: Thank you!) We're above the rules."

"Who sent you?" the last of the five, the dark haired boy whose gaze had not left the TV since the freshman arrived, Jack Wyvern finally spoke.

"Um, Miss Latanir Queen, she said that these were direct demands from Head Master Queen."

"Lat's grandpa hm?" Jack mumbled to himself. "You can leave now, and shut the door behind you."

The second the door slammed shut, Darius shot up from his seat. "This is bullshit!"

"You mad bro?" Max asked.

"So mad bro!" he exclaimed.

"I can't believe this is happening," Angelica lamented.

"Yeah, I wonder why Lat's grandfather would do such a thing," Tucker said, turning to Jack as if expecting him to have the answer.

"It's certainly strange isn't it Tucker?" Jack said as he turned the television off. "Why would Head Master Queen, who hasn't been involved in the school's affairs all year, all of a sudden take it upon himself to force the Student Government to raise money for the stadium's repairs?"

Each of them took a second to think. They've learned that when Jack asked a question, he expected it answered.

"Possibly to serve as punishment for Latanir?" Max answered first. "She authorized the fight, so maybe now he expects her to take responsibility for her actions?"

"That's a possibility Max, however what reason would the Head Master have to test Lat's responsibility? Especially since Latanir's proven herself one of the most capable Axels in the school, so far anyway. No, I think Lat's playing her hand against us here," Jack reasoned.

"Something to do with our behavior towards the Middies you think?" Tucker asked.

"No doubt about it," Jack affirmed. "I'm banking that it has something to do with the transfer Middie. He's a friend of Jaeger's I heard."

"He must be the unexpected variable you predicted they would throw in," Tucker said.

"Hmph, of course. Jack's intuition hasn't been wrong before has it?" Angelica said.

"Careful Angie. Inflate my ego too much and it'll pop," Jack said.

"So what's the plan Jack?" Darius asked.

"'All warfare is based on deception.' Do you know who said that?" Jack asked.

"Sun Tzu," Max answered.

"Correct. Therefore, what we must do is deceive. Darius and Angie, the two of you are to comply with Lat's, I mean, the Head Master's request for now. The Student Government will probably have a meeting sometime this week. Make sure you two push the issue towards Wallace Bantam, after all it is partially his fault that the stadium is destroyed. Max I want you to watch Wally. Tucker, watch the transfer. I think his name's Azure. He shouldn't be too hard to find," Jack said. He looked at all of them and asked "Do you trust me?"

"Of course. In Jack we trust," they said in unison.

"Good, because I trust you, so don't disappoint me," Jack finished.

The Administration Building

In the school's large administration building, there were several offices where the head faculty of the academy worked. There, Wallace Bantam and Azure Grimoire sat in the Dean of Students office. The Dean of Students was a tall man. He stood with militaristic might and his posture was damn well perfect. He sat in his comfortable spinny chair, while across his desk, Wally and Azure sat in boring old regular chairs.

After staring at the two boys for about 20 minutes, he finally spoke. "I want you two boys to tell me why you think you're here."

Wally spoke first. "Because we burned down the stadium," he said in a discouraged voice.

"No," the Dean, Eli Wood, said.

Surprised that Wally was wrong, Azure took a guess. "Is it because we endangered the lives of others?"

"Of course not," Wood said. "No, the reason you boys are here is because you've cost us our stadium and almost cost us the good health of our community here at Esper Royal Academy. The difference is the money boys. If you boys paid for the stadium, no one would give a shit that you burned it down. If you two were the only ones in the burning stadium then we'd be fine letting you two burn. But the reality is that those endangered people cost us money and that stadium cost us money. Boys, there will be serious repercussions for your actions. Even for you Mr. Bantam. You're father's contributions to the school do not make you invincible, as you seem to think."

"Wait, seriously? Jaeger said that the faculty didn't do anything around here," Azure blurted suddenly.

"Constantine said that? That little bastard thinks he can run around blabbing whatever he wants. He's lucky he's a part of the Student Body Government or I'd tear him a metaphorical new one," Wood said through grit teeth.

Wow, the Student Government really is absurdly powerful here…What a nightmare.

"Azure, you're free to leave. You'll be given your disciplinary assignments tomorrow morning before classes," he said.

"Er, yes sir," he stammered before leaving Wally and Wood alone.

When he stepped outside, he heard an enthusiastic gasp. A gasp which turned to disappoint once Azure came in view. He saw Latanir Queen, the Student President, sitting on a chair outside of the Dean's office.

"Hello Latanir!" Azure waved to her.

She stood up from her chair and looked directly at Azure. With such a gorgeous girl giving him such attention, he couldn't help but turn a little red.

"Listen Azure, I wasn't planning on talking to you about this. Jaeger promised that I could just leave things to you and we'd have this whole 'Middie uprising' under wraps. But if you're going to continue to bring the ruckus, like you're the damn Wu-Tang Clan or something, then I'm going have to deal with you personally. And you don't want me to deal with you," she explained.

"Hey, it wasn't my fault. Wally's the one who challenged me to a fight. Aren't you mad at him?"

"Oh you can bet I'm furious. When he asked me to authorize the fight, I told him that the fight wasn't worth it, but he and Jaeger insisted," she said. "Tch, I knew I shouldn't have listened to Jaeger," she said under her breath.

Geez, Jaeger doesn't seem to have the best reputation around here. Good to see some things never change.

The door to the Dean's office swung open again, this time revealing Wally. Latanir shoved past Azure to get to Wally. He wrapped his arms around her waist and brought her close to him. They took a quick second to stare into each others' eyes before drawing their lips together to make out.

She said she was furious at him, but here she is face deep in his mouth. Um, I should leave now. People making out in public always makes me uncomfortable, Azure thought as left the Administration building.

After a couple more seconds of making out, Latanir pulled her face away from Wally's.

"So what's going to happen?" she asked.

"I'm-," he paused, as if still forming the words, "I'm going to be downgraded to a Middie."

"What?" she asked, too shocked to comprehend his words.

"Yeah, I'm losing my Axel privileges until I 'learn self-discipline.' Basically I just have to not beat up Middies until they decide that I can 'handle being an Axel' again."

"How long will that be?"

"I…I don't know."

"Damn it Wally!" she yelled. "This why I told you to stop being so sensitive to insults!"

"Latanir, you don't understand!" he yelled back. "This is more than just me. It's about being a Bantam."

"Everything always goes back to being a Bantam with you Wally. Why can't you just let it go and be your own person?"

"Because I haven't earned my father's respect yet!" he exclaimed. "It hurts having your father love your adopted sister more than you! It hurts more than you know Lat!"

Latanir backed away in response to Wally's yelling.

"Hey, Lat, I didn't mean to raise my voice at you, come on," he said, pulling her back into his embrace.

The door to the Dean's office opened once more. This time it was the Dean.

"Wally, Lat, could you do whatever it is you're doing somewhere else? People here are trying to work done," he said politely before closing the door.

"Come on," Lat said. "Let's go back to class." And the two walked off.

Room 302

Azure walked into class early. He was never a very punctual person but after being called to the Dean's office, he figured heading to class immediately was a smart move. The desks were mostly empty, with about five students, including him and Euphy occupying the room. He eyed Euphy from the doorway. Azure thought she was pretty, though nowhere near as beautiful as Latanir. Latanir was gorgeous. Euphy wasn't curvy like Latanir either, or maybe she was and she didn't show it. Azure couldn't tell because of her uniform. Euphy was different though. She was beautiful in a way that was completely her own. Her silver hair only reached to her jaw line and her bangs fell over her forehead. Azure stared at her as she read her book. It was titled Beelzebub. Azure soon realized what an opportunity he was facing right now. Reggie wasn't here yet, so he wouldn't be forced to sit next to him and a pretty girl was sitting by herself. He'd been meaning to ask how she was after the whole situation in Wally's room; he might as well do it now.

"Hey," Azure said as awkwardly shuffled over to Euphy, squeezing between desks to get a seat next to her.

Euphy's face didn't look up from her novel. Azure plopped down in the seat next to her causing her to look up at the change in her environment.

"Hey," Azure nervously said again.

"Can I help you?" she asked.

"Um, I just wanted to know if you were okay. You know, with the stuff about you being adop-"

"Are you trying to piss me off?" she cut him off. The change in her tone was drastic.

"N-no no, I just um… nevermind…" he said as he let his voice trail. Euphy immediately went back to her book. Azure cleared his throat as he prepared for round two.

"So what's that book about?" he asked, though he regret it immediately as it caused Euphy to get up and change seats. Reggie walked into class a second later and took his seat right next to Azure. Not long after, the rest of the class and the instructor filled the room. Arriving late to class was none other than Wally Bantam. The look on his face was rather solemn and unusually enough, instead of wearing his blazer, he merely held it over his shoulder. Azure could see that it lacked variety of pins that used to adorn it and came to the conclusion that Wally had lost his Axel status.

"Hey, check it out, all the pins on Wally's blazer are gone," Reggie said.

"Yeah," Azure snickered as he leaned back in his chair. "I did that. Showed that bugger a thing or two about humility."


"Oh yeah," Azure continued. "You should've seen it. After the stadium burned down, me and Wally kept at it! It was hard but I wore him down eventually. I didn't do it in one hit like I said I would though, which is why I'm still here, but hey, I sure showed him, am I right?"

"Yeah you are! Let's go One Eyed Snake! Middie Hero #1!" Reggie cheered.

"Reginald!" Ms. Maxim yelled.

"Yes ma'am?"

"Shut up. I have a class to teach."

"Yes ma'am…"

Wally sat at his desk, glaring at Azure, silently fuming with contempt.

Middie Dorms: After Classes

Azure exhaustedly walked down his dorm's hallway as he headed for his dorm room. The first thing he planned to do was take a long, relaxing nap. As he approached his door however he found that it wasn't going to be that simple. A blonde boy, a senior Azure guessed, was standing in front of his door. Azure could already tell that this guy was waiting for him.

"Um excuse me," Azure said as he reached his door.

"You're Azure Grimoire correct?" the young man asked.

"Correct…Who are you?" Azure asked.

"My name is Tucker Bufo, head of the Disciplinary Committee," he answered.

"The Disciplinary Committee? Look I already got in trouble for burning the stadium down," Azure began.

"I'm not here for that," Tucker settled him.

"You're not? Then why are you here? Am I being recruited to be part of the Committee?"

"What? Why would I be recruiting you?"

"I dunno, because you guys saw my fight with Bantam and were impressed by my skills?"

Tucker scoffed. "Don't flatter yourself, kid. I didn't even watch your fight. I have so many better things to do with my time than watch new kids get their asses handed to them."

Well shit, aren't you just the nicest guy?

"So what are you here for?" Azure asked.

"The peasants do the work. The aristocrats enjoy the fruits of the peasants' labor. The police keep the peasants in check. The church fills the peasants' brains with hopes of a better life. And the kings stand at the top of it all, proud of their power. The world has a system kid, and so does Esper Royal Academy. The Disciplinary Committee is like the police, we keep the peasants in check. Do you who the peasants are?"

"Gonna take a stab in the dark and go with the Middies,"

Tucker smirked. "Correctamundo. The aristocrats are the Axels, benefitting from perks with the Middies' tuition. The church is the faculty, assuring you that if you just study hard and obey the rules, you too can become an Axel. And the Student Body Government are the kings, lording over everyone. You may not have noticed it yet, but your fight with Bantam has stirred the peasants. And when peasants turn hostile towards aristocrats, conflicts arise. And when the peasants cause conflict, it's up to the police to shut it down. That's why I'm here,"

Azure yawned. "You really could've shortened that whole speech you know. I don't need silly analogies to understand stuff. I mean, we speak the same language."

"I suppose we do," Tucker said as he stepped out of the way of Azure's door. "Just know that from this day, the Disciplinary Committee will be after your head," he said as left.

"Yeah no shit, that's kind of why I'm here," Azure muttered to himself as he unlocked his door. He swung his door open and to his surprise, someone was already in the room.

"Dammit, who the hell are you?" an exasperated Azure asked.

"My name Flynn Taper, proud member of the Disciplinary Committee," he announced.

Geez, these guys sure don't waste any time do they?

"Quite right, Azure, the Disciplinary Committee, likes to get right to action," Flynn said.

Azure gasped. "How'd you do that? You can read my mind?"

"Um, yeah no shit, we kind of go to a school for people with psychic abilities remember?"

"Oh yeah, how could I forget that?"

"Now, let's see how well you do fighting someone who knows exactly what you're thinking,"

A fight? Right now? I didn't even do anything! Can't this wait?

"Not your call Azure, now come on and fight me!" Flynn exclaimed.