Chapter One - The Monster

He was walking home when he heard the whistle.

He had been staying at the school late that evening. Preparing for his year eleven class on Shakespeare.

It was a certain type of whistle; the type that was difficult to forget.

One slightly longer whistle, followed, without a breath in-between them, a sharper, a higher pitched sounding one.

He didn't know why that thought stuck in his head; as though it was the most important detail of that night.

As soon as he heard the peculiar sound, his head whipped around to identify the source of it. He could only just see the outline of a fairly large, muscular shaped man.

He just stared at the shape. Then he blinked.

In that millisecond, the shape had vanished.

He heard the whistle again, only this time the sound came from the opposite side than it had before.

Once again, his head snapped towards the noise, attempting to see the face that matched the shadow-like outline he had seen only moments earlier.

He blinked. In a flash, the Shadow Man was standing right in front of him. He caught sight of a pale face, short dark brown hair, eyes changing from their usual light hazel to a vibrant crimson, then he saw something even more terrifying.

He turned to the woods surrounding the school and, without a backwards glace to see if the Shadow Man was following, started to run.

Two minutes later…

The dark shaped creature chased the running form of a thirty year old man through the forest, the trees becoming closer together the nearer they got to the centre. The man tripped over an unseen tree root and within seconds, the swift, shadowy figure was upon him.

'What do you want from me?' the man who had been happily walking home only moments ago asked.

The thing that moved too quickly to be human replied, 'I only want what everyone else wants.' Then, with a smile, he continued, speaking as if he were thinking of something pleasant, 'To feed'.

With that, he brought his mouth down onto the man's vulnerable neck, his fangs extending from his gums while doing so.

As soon as they had pierced the vein, he began to drink.

Although he was soon full, knowing that he could let the man live, simply wipe his memories clear of the incident and let him carry on with his meaningless existence, though knowing all of that, he continued to suck away the man's life, getting an excited thrill from doing so. Oh how he loved hearing the slowing beat of a dying man's heart, the smell of his mortal life almost too much to bare, the tangy taste of the human's adrenaline filled blood on his lips. He loved the taste of their deaths. Knowing that he was the cause made it all the sweeter.