Chapter Three- The Taunt

Oh how he loved Monday mornings! Who didn't love waking up at the crack of dawn, and then spend the rest of the day learning from people who seemed to take great pleasure in belittling others for amusement.

Sam knew he should have gotten used to it by now, but the fact was, even though he was in year nine, it doesn't matter how old you are, waking up early will never be a good thing.

After tutor time, a time for your form tutor to talk about bullshit, he had English. Groan. At least it wasn't science, though science was good if you got to blow up stuff.

English used to be fine, but at the start of year nine, they were split into different groups. Dylan and Flinn were in one, he was in the other. Lucky him.

Sam was staring out of the English room window when his teacher walked in. He was dragged out of his day dream when he heard his teacher's voice. It was not his teacher's.

'Hello, I, Mr Curver, will be teaching this lesson as your teacher is, er, indisposed.' Everybody noticed the pause while their sub thought of a believable reason why their teacher might not be there. But he needn't have worried; they had all seen or heard the news. Their teacher, Mr Jones, was missing; it had been reported that morning. Mr Jones had last been seen walking home, after working late at school one evening.

As he lived alone, nobody had found out that he had disappeared until three days later, when he hadn't come to work.

There had been an awkward pause as the pupils thought about where their teacher could be. If he was still alive, that is. Nobody had to say what they were all thinking, though. Murdered. It was highly possible that their teacher had been murdered.

While Mr Curver began to explain that mornings' activity, Sam's mind wandered.

Half way through the lesson, however, he was brought back to reality with a taunt.

The 'Popular' people were teasing the 'Goth' girl, again. They had been doing this everyday since April Soot's first day at the beginning of year nine. Her pale face, long black hair, skinny black jeans, black v-neck with the words 'Bite Me' on and military style boots had admittedly singled her out. Most people's first thought was this: easy target.

Anyway, back to the taunt. It wasn't the first time they had made snide comments about her and what she wears, but, for some reason, today it looked like she was going to fight back. Jaw clenched. Tight fists. Eyes unmoving. It was the position of a person who was about to break. Or break someone.

Sam knew this because it was how he looked before April had come, when he had been the easiest target. The only reason why he wasn't now was because of April. The 'Popular' people preferred fresh meat.

The taunt was from the 'Leader' of the pack. Henry Daniels. Captain of the football team. Also one of the most idiotic people Sam had ever met.

April had abruptly stood up. Her chair crashed to the floor, but she didn't pay it any attention. She had already walked over to were Henry stood, having just gotten up to see why she was coming over to them, a place where she was about as wanted as an over grown mosquito.

By now, everyone was watching. Everyone apart from their sub that was, who had left the room awhile ago, to do something unimportant that subs do. Probably going to the toilet.

Although Henry was one of the tallest pupils in their year, 6'1' feet tall, when she reached him they were about nose to nose. It was kinda scary to see them next to each other, although Sam was average height for his age, if not a bit taller, he felt like a dwarf compared to them, he was about a whole head shorter.

'What do you want, Goth Girl?' Henry said this as though calling someone a Goth was an insult. Sam really didn't understand some of the insults people used. It was like how some dicks used the term 'Gay' as an insult. It's just who some people are, they don't choose it. People don't use 'Straight' as an insult, so why shouldn't they do the same for other words such as 'Gay'? Sam had these thoughts fairly often, but had yet to have spoken them out loud.

He had hoped that one day he would have the courage to do so.

'I want lots of things: world peace, no poverty, etc. But from you? I want to be left alone. But, seeing as I know that isn't going to happen, I figured that I should just do what I wanted to since I started this shit excuse for a school,' she said this in a voice just above a whisper, but everyone heard what she said, they all also heard the venom in her voice.

Once she had finished, as fast as lighting, almost too fast for the eye to see, she punched him.

Right on the nose.


Really hard.

So hard that he dropped to the ground in an unconscious heap.

And it was awesome to watch.

Everyone was in a shocked silence for what felt like a million years and one, though in reality was about a minute.

For the second time that day, everyone was thinking the same thing: The 'Goth' girl had knocked unconscious the 'Leader' of the 'Popular' people!

And now, nobody was doing anything. All of them were too shocked to even speak. April hadn't moved, she was still standing over Henry, disgust clear on her face, as though she expected him to put up more of a fight.

Then, just when time started to move again, Mr Curver walked in.