'Fly,' she say.

'Fly 'way from this place

'Way from my home

'way from this face

Fly 'way from the bruises

Fly 'way from the fears

Fly 'way from the hurt

Fly 'way from the tears

Fly 'way from the scars

Fly 'way from what I've ran

Fly 'way from the evil

Fly 'way from this cruel man

Fly far 'way, little bird

Never to return

Fly 'way from mine father

Oh, he'll never learn

You've a life ahead

I do not lie

Unlike myself

I must lay here and die

Tell my love I am sorry

Tell my friend good-bye

I'll tell my sister

When I'm up in the sky

I shall await you, little bird

But for now, fly away

Fly away from my home

Fly away from this place