ok so andray isn't the best at the whole pirate thing. Neither am I to be honest. To be such something I wasn't aware of was we have a whole set of rules. We have to go to bed at eight. We can't fight on deck. Beware anyone with a black spot on their back and more. Today we're expected to pillage a ship from Rohet. This I will due happily. I am perfectly aware its morally wrong, but Rohet is morally wrong. Rohet is evil. It's racist and segregated. I think the citisens of Rohet can deserve to loose one ship.


We got money of Rohet's currency today of through the pillage. Andray had several attacks. We split the money equally. Emily was uncomfortable with the whole thing. While Sakura continued to flirt with me. She doesn't seem to flirt with anybody besides me and she is a bit older so I don't why she would choose me. I sat with Andray at lunch and dinner and I continued to sleep in the same cabin as Sakura. Then something worrisome happened. She told me she didn't like Andray that he was quite a burden on the crew. I shrugged it off and didn't think anything of it. That was until I noticed a black spot on Andray's back. He was marked for death. I confronted Sakura about this and she said he could leave or die. I told her if he left then I would have to leave as well. All of us would. She said if that was our wish so be it but she is still apart of our rebeleian. Time to explore tissfim.


So we made are way to tissfim. Everyone is outstandingly polite here. it's almost scary. Everyone wears victorian or pirate etire and it turns out that the technology is within that era. I'm unaware whether this was a choice by the allies for the kingdom or of the kingdoms own doing but I'm glad it does not have the values of that time. Akil has had a hard with this all. Fae are in a wheelchair after all. It can be diffcult for faem to move. I do hope I'm geting faer pronouns right this time. I always screw up on them. Apearently there are 14 gods and godesses that are worshiped here. The main one's being Yona the spirit of hope and wisdom personified as an an alian like being married to Chal. Chal personified as a hawk the spirit of guidence and fetertility who is also all genders at once. Keroon personified as a dove the spirit of love and the seas. And lastly Con signified by a rabbit the spirit of the underworld and death. These are the main spirits that are worshipped. Depending on which god/goddes/other you worship determines how you are viewed in this soceity. We made our way to an in and asked several questions.

"what kin are you" the mad at the desk was curious.


"what otherkin are you?"

"what's otherkin?"

"you don't otherkin is?" he asked me glaring.


"well guess your not then." his tone changed into harsh quite quickly.

"what gods do you worship"

I was the one getting the rooms. I coudn't think of any due to being nervous so I jsut spit out a name

"Con. I mean we worship Con"

He smiled widley.

"your in luck despite not being otherkin we have a nice room for you all"

he took out a large key with lots of gizmos and gadgets on it. He handed it to patter. Whom he looked at curios. I don't think he'd ever seen a hijab before let alone know what one was. We walked up to our room and discovered a it may as well have been a mueseim. It was large and enormes and all of us were allowed to stay. They were paintings of rabits throughout the room as well a bronse statue of one below it lye an alter. "Guess there fond of Con here..." Adrian remarked uncomfortable. "what's wrong with Con"

"most people despise her"


"becuase she symbolizez death and who is fond of that"

she continued to examine the room, uncomfortale and sadened. "we may as well pay our respects while here" she sat down at the alter and bowed her head chanting a prayer in a language unknown to me. Andray soon followed and did the same holding her hand as they prayed. They got up slightly happier and continued with their day like normal.

"By the way..." I asked Adrian. "what exactly is otherkin?"

"otherkin is an identity, very common here do to us feeling increadbily close with our gods"

"but what is it?"

"its hard to explain"

"then explain"

"otherkin like myself and Andray beleive we are not fully human. We beleive we are diffrerent then human in some way. We identify as part of another speicies or part of something else. It's just identity. Not sexual,or gender, one but one that desreves as much respect"

"but why? I mean no offense but your both obviously human"

Adrian grew a stern look on her face. "on the outside but not on the inside"

"so its your religion?"

"no its not! Florist. It is a beleif that most people in our kingdom and who follow our religion believe in. Our religion says that most humans are not fully human but that just corincides with otherkin it is not otherkin!" "she was furious with me" "sorry" I sighed looking down. Andray meerly glanced in my direction. I continued my day wondering and pondering. I enventually just fell asleep.