Suddenly the door opened and two men stepped in.

Larissa noticed with alarm that they were wearing some kind of white suits, and she stood up, backing away.

The first man started toward her without uttering a word and suddenly in a burst of panic, Larissa pushed past him, running toward the door.

She had only taken a few steps, when a burst of pain exploded in her neck and she realized the second man had injected her with a needle.

The room began to spin and she fell to her knees.

She looked up and saw the two men watching her impassively, but before she could say anything, the spinning intensified and then the room went dark.

When Larissa woke up, her first thought was that she had gone blind. Then she realized she was in the back of some sort of windowless vehicle, groaning, she tried to sit up.

"Stay down," a young girl's voice said, "you still have drugs in your system, if you try to sit up, it'll just make you sick."

"Where am I?" Larissa asked softly, and someone flicked a lighter.

A girl with frizzy red hair was seated next to her.

"In the back of a van," the girl said, "headed God only knows where. Because of that test, and the fact that we passed it."
She paused for a moment, "or failed it."

Larissa realized what the girl was telling her.

That the rumors were true, teenagers who passed the test, were taken, she had been taken.

She blinked back tears, wondering what her mother and father were thinking and feeling right now. What they had been told about her disappearance.

She looked back up at the girl.

"Who are you?" She asked, "are we the only ones that were taken?"
The girl shook her head.

"No," she said, and pointed to a corner.
"He was too."
Larissa looked over and saw for the first time, the slight figure of a boy with blonde hair.

"My name is Sam," the girl said, "Sam Morris, and that's Colby. I'm not sure what his last name is. All I could get from him was his first name, before he passed out again from the drugs."

Larissa looked at Colby's still form, before looking back at Sam.

"How long was I out for?" She asked, and Sam shrugged.

"I'm not sure," she said, "I came to an hour or so ago and we were all in the back of this van. I'm supposing they drug us to keep us from resisting."

She shook her head.

"It's like we're no longer even human," she said softly, before snuffing out her lighter.

Larissa heard Sam lie down, and she closed her eyes, listening to the faint sound of the engine and feeling the bumps as the van sped toward its unknown destination.

Sometime later, the van stopped and Larissa opened her eyes, sitting up.

She heard Sam sit up beside her, than a groan as Colby woke up.

The doors of the van opened, and Larissa gasped, shielding her eyes from the sudden intrusion of light that glared in on her.

When her eyes adjusted, she realized there were two tall figures standing there. One in the same white suit she had seen the men wearing at the testing center.

The other man, a tall unpleasant looking bald man, had a black suit on.

"Larissa McClain, Sam Morris and Colby Johnson," he said, in a loud voice. "My name is Mr. Meyer, and I will be your keeper."
Sam looked at Larissa, blinking her eyes, before looking back at Mr. Meyer.

"Keeper?" She asked, and he scowled.

"There will be no talking unless given permission," he barked.

Then the other man smacked Sam across the head, sending her to the floor of the van.

Larissa cried out one single sharp cry of surprise, seeing the other girl treated that way, than she was dragged out of the van.

As she was taken away from the van, she looked over her shoulder, catching eyes with the blond boy.

For a moment, she started into his blue eyes, and saw him mouth the words "be brave," then she was yanked out of his view.