It was never broken to begin with. It never did but they said it was flawed, old, unsuitable, unreliable, everything but good and so they 'fixed' it. It started off with a new education blueprint several years ago and without even trying, the new system was terribly flawed from the very start. Students didn't have to put any effort getting the grades they deserved. They got grades they didn't deserve because they received the same marks. Imagine the education system as a sturdy building, you have the roof, the floors and of course, the pillars which hold everything in place. No improvements were necessary but they did all sorts of things to the building. A small crack started to appear on one of the pillars. Fast forward several years, you'll notice cracks on all pillars so what did they do to prevent it from getting worse? Apparently, nothing. They put a blind eye over it.

Take a good look at the students. Do you think they're getting the education they deserve? It's obvious we could become so much more had the corruption in the country minimized but it only grew bigger or maybe multiplied like viruses, spreading its disease throughout the country, slowly killing everything in its way. In this case, intelligence, logic and reasoning.

They abolished two of the three major examinations in this country and then expect the students to perform well on the final year of school, after being free of binds of examinations for so long. What do they think will be the outcome of it? Straight A's? 100% marks on all papers? It's going to be the opposite. Sure, some may pass with flying colours, some will do well but many will suffer the consequences of the new education system.

If today they said, "Our education system is as good as the education system of first world countries," then expect to hear news that in a Religious Studies paper, one question will ask, 'Which do you prefer? Charity or Atom bombs?'.

The country is turning into a complete joke, a laughing stock and sooner or later, other countries that used to be below us will catch up and we'll be left behind. There's no such thing as a 'Third world country' term anymore. We'd be labelled as a 'Fourth world country' or even a fifth. Depends on how fast the ship will sink.

At this rate, the pillars won't just crack anymore. The roof of the building will fall off so cue the sad, tragic music that'll pop up in the middle of a tear-jerking scene in a movie or maybe 'Love The Way You Lie' will be playing in the background.

The new education system will also take scores based on co-curriculum activities. So if you're the most intelligent kid in school but can't play sports or a kid who doesn't hold a position in a club, you're screwed. Those who are the opposite of you on the other hand, will receive high marks than you. You get what you don't deserve.

Students have difficulties learning English they said. Nice gag. That was real good. Even Batman will crack a smile. It's sad to see we are being played for fools. They announced Mathematics and Science will be reverted back to our native language instead of teaching in English. Imagine how confused the students will be. First they had to learn in English and then in their own mother tongue.

The terms will be one big swirl of confusion in their heads. You can literally hear one of the pillars making a crumbling sound. It's cringe worthy. As a matter of fact, you'll start to hear laughter, yet you can't tell where it's coming from. It's just there, laughing as the building slowly crumbles.

Major exams exist for a reason. It's used to measure how much a student has learned in school so why change, fix, toy and experiment it like it's nothing but a worthless guinea pig. It's like this, you have a sane man and then you do all sorts of thing to this man. You experiment him. What do you think will be the outcome? Do you think his sanity is intact? Doubt it. The same goes for the education system.

In the end, the building is no more but ashes.

Why fix something that isn't broken?