Stuck in this dull apartment view
Stranded in this empty city
I'm sitting on my bed
Wondering if you miss me

All that I can see
On these lonely nights
Is the swirling Milky Way
Of dimming city lights

You're so far away
I want to hear your voice
I want to only hear you
Instead of all this white noise

Cars drone below
And planes hum overhead
The world wants to sing
But I just wanna curl up on my bed

Where did you go?
Are you even here?
Despite myself
I wish you were near

Confusing me at every turn
I'm laying in my bed
I can feel the cold burn
Thoughts of you running through my head

Beside me, there's nothing
There's nothing I can do
Where there used to be something
There is no longer you

Come home now, love
I've got something for you to see
I hope it'll be enough
For you to come back to me