The departure of summer
The sting of the pain
It came like a storm
And crashed like waves
It hurt like a hundred knives
Stabbing an open wound
Every day a reminder
That it ended all too soon
Because you were my silver lining
The sunshine behind every gray cloud
The umbrella in the rain
And the shadow upon the ground
You were the joy in my past
A promise of tomorrow
The last grain of sand
Before my grand sorrow
Yes, you're the rainbow
That I watched fade
The sudden betrayal from
The other side of the blade
You are the breath
Blowing out the flame
That illuminated the darkness
The trusted friend
That once seemed harmless
Yeah you're the devastation
That hurts worse than impact
The bitter end knocking at my door
And a silence that I cant ignore
You are a hundred unfinished songs
That I couldn't rhyme
The story I started
But ran out of time
You are the light
Blinding me through the
Reflection of crushed crystal
The memories that come
And shoot me like pistols
You are the subject of my escape
For I am trying to fight
But the sting of your bullets grab me
Like a thief in the night
The tears fall down my face
Mimicking rain in a violent storm
It thunders and echoes in the hallways
And rattles the wooden floors
Lightning flashes before me
Like the memories that slowly fade away
It's the missing pictures on the wall
That we disappear, losing sight of it all
The sun sets as the moon rises high
Yet I can still see your shadow
My gaze held to the sky
You are rainbow that
I watched fade
The silent killer of dreams
That made me afraid
For though there may be hope
And though there may be tomorrow
You will always remain
My one true sorrow