Falling down the hole she goes

Tumbling, turning, where nobody knows

All to find a white rabbit with a watch

A watch that goes tick tick tick

Late, late, late, the little hare says

She is a curious girl

In a foreign world

One they call Wonderland

There are many strange creatures a' crawling

A caterpillar named Absolem

A talking cat that can disappear into thin air

But the hare with the watch that ticks, ticks, ticks is no place to be found

The confusion is overwhelming and too much to bear

This is impossible, she says

Only if you believe it is, responds the Mad Hatter

In this place; this oh so very peculiar place

She has been small and she has been big

She has seen odd creatures

She has ventured far from home

Only stuck in this curious place

She's a gnome of a girl in this vast world

With these weird inhabitants

And it seems that she can only wander and wonder aimlessly

She has fallen down a hole

Puzzled and lost

At first searching for an anxious rabbit

Now encountering problems that weren't supposed to happen

In this strange world they call Wonderland