Chapter 1

"Charlie the Butcher."

Date: 1717, The Golden age of piracy.

Scarlett woke up to the sound of the kids laughing. Wasn't such a bad way to wake up, but if you have been dying for sleep for the past 4 weeks, maybe waking up was a bad thing.

She had fell asleep in the hammock watching the Logan and Marisol play. "Logan, don't be so rough on her, she's not as tough as you are!" Scarlett said with a tired voice rubbing her eyes watching Marisol push her older brother down laughing. "Or not.." she leaned up watching them with a slight smile on her face.

"I have a letter for Mr Duchanes!" a young boy named her age said running to the yard with a bag full of mail. Scarlet rolled her eyes at hearing the sound of the name.

"You won't find him here, Mail boy." She said with a snide tone in her voice. "um, Sorry miss, my names Allen, I was looking for—"

"Charlie Duchanes, yes I know who he is, but you won't find him here." she quickly interrupted. "I'm afraid it's very important, though." Allen said a bit intimidated. "And I'm afraid he's not here." she said annoyed. The children stopped playing as they heard crying from inside. "..oh my god.. Callum!" she jumped out of the hammock and ran through the door to the basinet as allen slowly walked to the porch and looked inside to her skeptically.

"..You must be his wife?" he asked quietly. "No," she picked up the 8 month old. "I'm his Daughter. Scarlet Duchanes."

"Uh.. where exactly is Mr Duchanes, I'm not supposed to leave this letter with anybody but him or his spouse.." Allen told her as nicely as he could but the dawning glare he kept getting from her told him it was a lost cause. "Good luck finding either of them, at least I can give you a location on his spouse, she's in a graveyard in Dublin, and yes, that's pretty far from Havana.. My dad's at sea, he's a sailor."

"Oh , which sea's?" he said trying to be polite. "The ones with water."

"You don't have to be so rude, miss.." Allen said quietly. "He's in the Caribbean." She told him tapping her foot lightly bouncing the baby.

"Mighty Dangerous out there for a sailor isn't it?" Allen said making her roll her eyes. "Yeah, sure, what about it." she asked sarcasticly. "Well there's a lot of pirates, I'm just saying." Allen said defensively. "And he's not afraid of them." she said just as defensively.

"Or maybe he is one, and you're embarrassed." He said finally speaking at a normal tone again a bit offended by her. "Or maybe he's an honest sailor!" she said raising her voice a bit.

"I didn't mean to get you all riled up but my dad actually is an honest sailor and Charlie The Butcher robbed him of his cargo… Soo." Allen chuckled like it had no meaning. Scarlet stopped bouncing the baby and sighed growing quiet looking at the floor. "..sorry?" Scarlett said a bit quietly.

"No, it's fine, my father got paid for the 30 minute capture and we moved here. to Havana. Does everybody else Really think your dad is a sailor?" he almost laughed as well did she. "Pretty much.. Hey, I'm Scarlet." She smiled weakly putting her hand out to him. "I'm Allen." He smiled setting the bag down and shook her hand.

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