"We do not have enough bombs." Syria yelled from her post as the head of the war council.

"We cannot attack them now, they have more resources." She added, before walking out of the conference room, leaving everyone stunted. "The Divine Race of Artemies" was printed in bold red letters above her empty chair, which faced the council of women after their leader had left. The women got up slowly and walked out like dignified ladies and walked home to greet their families, looking like normal women. However there was something different here, the women had an aura of power while the men looked almost defeated and inferior. Adriana laughed as she thought about the silly ways the other countries have. In Tigers, they have equality among men and women. Hah! As if men can ever be equal to women. They are ghastly creatures, doing nothing but committing crime, they deserve to be kept shut in their houses, where they can never commit any crime.

That is what the Artemies, the divine goddess of maidens, tells always and her teachings are law for Diviners. Yes, she and her countrywomen are diviners', so are the men but they are a women ruled society, where men are puppets in the hands of women. They can do any job they like and even reach the highest posts but they will never get the status of women. For example, men can be politicians but the empress will always be a women. They follow the laws of Artemies. Girls, who want to follow the true path of the goddess shun the company of men and live in groups of women and train for armies. They are known as hunters and train in a wide range of weapons from arrows and guns to knife and missiles. Their dresses are tradition camouflage uniforms with silver parkas. Some of them, not fit enough to fight, are made priestess and teachers. The other group of women are The Amazons, who are always dressed in black, which show that they are a peg or two below the hunters- who are never prejudiced but the Amazons are not maidens or eternal virgins and live family lives and then there are the Oracles of the moon, the ones who take all the important political decisions. The Amazons and the hunters are like two tribes under us the oracles of the moon, the voice of Artemies. The Amazon district is ruled at present by Nadia- the Amazon queen who is like what they would call the district head in a long lost place known as Europe, which was like huge. The other district is the Silver districts of the hunters, which is ruled by their head and the vice-president of the country known as the Lutinent of Artemies who is Syria and then there is the president- her. Syria is the head of the war councils because the hunters are fierce warriors. War councils are the only place where Adriane cannot over rule Syria which makes her blood boil, she, Adriane, is the voice of the goddess while Syria is a mere sister in arms but there are some laws which must have the vote of the whole council to amend and Adriane does not have time for such trivial things and the votes nearly always go in Syria's favor.

She had asked Adriane to allow the Amazons to wear a little colour but Adriane had put her foot down and then Syria's next request was to allow men into the hunters' ranks so that they may also get trained for fights and explained her point in a war council where Syria told that they would still be inferior to women, the armies would have extra military strength. The suggestion was vetoed out until she told how the death of women would go down and lo! Everyone was in favor of her stupid idea. Syria made the hunters' have concrete houses instead of camps and got all the hunters' to treat males with respect as long as they do the same. She was a commander and some said that she was the next president but she firmly believes in the old cast system, oracles rule and that is the way it is going to stay for Adriane wants her daughter Diana (named after the goddess's other name) to be the next president. The oracles never had kids nor did they help in child birth like some of the aged hunters (Artemis was the goddess of maidens and childbirth) but the oracles can adopt, girls if they take an oath to forsake the company of men forever and follow the oracles, forget their blood families and never touch arms. Any girl can join the hunters if she swears to remain an eternal virgin. Adriane knows that other oracles would try for the head but she can make sure that Diana becomes the head of moon oracles, making her the president but for now, the future is hazy for the oracles too as there is a war coming. The neighboring countries Confederation of Power and Tigers have allied with Asia, which is in the hands of religious groups, each group being a state and they have a high class administration in state but horrible when it comes to countries and in some places women are treated as shit while others they are equal to men and while in very few they have the upper hand. The DROA had declared war against Asia but now they are backing off due to loss of two important allies, trying to avoid the third world war. It is the year 3050 and the UNO, is ancient, it fell in 3000 and the nature seems to be eager to repeat Noah's ark but their country is safe due the technological advancements they have made. Some of their neighbors have gone out due to drought and floods and so on, and DROA tried to help some though Syria wanted to help all. They nearly always succeeded, being a president is fun but Adriana wants to be the empresses. Their present queen is Lady Ciara and the empress is Empresses Queen Riana. All of them together rule DROA and she wants to be the only one.


Syria reached her silver apartment building just as the sun began to descend. All the huntress and hunters who saw her saluted her, halting whatever they were doing, waiting for their lutinent to pass.