I was sitting on my desk working when I heard his voice. The rough, almost grumpy voice which made my heart, do summersaults in my ribcage. I felt his hand on my shoulder and contained the urge to jump up with a squeal; instead I kept calm just like a dignified detective. Ok, make that secret agent but whatever; you know your brain kind of stops functioning when your heart is doing summersaults and your nose is clogged with the smell of the soap he uses and your skin is on fire because his hand is on your shoulder. I turned in my chair to look at him and my eyes began to wander. Straight black hair, cropped short, a perfect nose, deep black pools for eyes and perfectly kissable lips, with that tiny white scar in the bend of his upper lip and perfectly arched eyebrows and a perfect chest with an eight-pack and biceps that any guy would trade his soul for. Killer looks, as my best friend Rachel would say. His black shirt stuck to chest making his abs even more noticeable and that is when he smiled. I swear I could count each of my heart-beat, it was that loud. I quickly averted my eyes when he arched that eyebrow, silently asking me what I was doing but to his credit he says nothing.

"Hey" I say and it comes out like a breath and I blush, almost ashamed of myself.

He opens his mouth as if to say something when I hear my sister Tamara's voice.

"Eliza, I came too tell you that Kate is back, though I would suggest that you braced yourself," I hear her say with tears in her eyes and she never cried, as in never ever. She had not cried when we lost our parents' in the car crash or when our brother Siamon went into coma. She just could handle everything, everything except Kate and me.

I rush to Tamara, forgetting all about Damien, when I see them wheel her in. My sister; Kate. Her whole body is covered in scratches and the left side of her face seems to be paralyzed, because of the awkward ways she seems to be speaking to her nurse and her hands, oh god, her hands are totally bruised and seems to be broken from the wrist down. Seeing her like this, my vision goes red. "WHO DID THIS TO HER?" I yell out making the whole office jump.

I asked "Who did this to her?" I ask again, in a more controlled voice because the noise seems to be hurting her.

"Answer me damn it, who?" I ask again this time shaking the person next to me, who conveniently happens to be a certain Robin, who can tackle me.

"Damien, answer me please," I cry out, losing all my strength in the end.

"She was sent on the mission to catch international criminal Logan, remember, well he did this to her," he finally tells me as they wheel her bed out to the emergency room.

"I will kill him, I will rip him apart," I say as I make my way to the head office to tell this to my boss. I am going no matter what.

"Hey, Rick, I am going to kill Logan," I say as he looks up at me, grief stricken. He was my like my second father, he practically bought me, Simon, Kat and Tamara up, after our parents' died. I, Tamara and Kate are triplets, if you want to know. Yeah, we lived. Big deal. We are secret agents and Rick is our boss, He is also our uncle as he married our aunt Jenny last fall. He knows me well and how persistent I can be is no mystery to him. If I say I will go, means I will.

"Ok, I will arrange for the team. Who all do you want, and do not argue I am not sending you alone after what happened to Katy," he says using his nick name for my elder sister. I want to argue, but something snaps inside me when I see his grief stricken look. Yes, I am the one who is going to kill Logan but it does not have to be alone. I have way too many people who care, even if there is no special someone, yet. There is Simon, my brother, my best friend Vanessa, Kate and her fiancé Alvert. I wonder how he is doing or if he even knows. Then there is Tamara and her boyfriend Will who also happens to be Damien's best friend. What she finds attractive in a person who keeps moaning about his twin, who he lost when his parents died I don't know. Yep, we all have mummy-daddy issues. His parents died in a fire. Mine were blown to bits. There was nothing too bury either. Simon went into coma and we sisters' were taken in Jenny's care. It happened four years back, but the pain is still real.

Vanessa's abusive parents' recently shifted to London and she lives with her Grams here in Crashia, an hour's drive from New York and my best friend Caleb's parents are divorced and his mother is always off to God knows where and his father is the mystery guy. His sister Paige is a total nutcase and he visits her in the mental asylum each Sunday. Alvert and his five siblings live on their own as their parents' passed away a few years back, dad from heart attack and mom from depression. Tyler is the only one who has not got issues but he is moving into his own apartment so that he and Caroline can get married, they are thirty- five and have been dating since forever. Caroline is the journalist of the town and Tyler's the most famous artist here and my brother's idol. Vanessa is an author and has won quite a lot of awards considering that she is only twenty. Damien is an orphan and lives with his uncles John and Zack.

"Ok, so I want Klaus, Rebecca and Damien on the team," I state.

"Of course, makes sense that you want the killing perfectionist on your team," he said referring to Damien. He has nearly always killed the criminals he catches, in integration, which kind of sucks but he says, they are criminals and they have done their share of killing, so goodbye to them.

After seeing Kate, wishing her a speedy recovering, and saying goodbye to everyone, I headed to the airport with my team of three, to start the mission and looked back at my home for the last time, when Will and Finn come running.

"We are going too," they said in union and I agreed, because they were our seniors and awesome agents. They were the best, after a certain sister of mine, who is the reason I am here. I looked back at my home one last time before I boarded the plane but I had this gut feeling that I was going to get more than what I bargained for.