The Girl Who Loved Books

It is a common tale, as old as men, that we all love to believe and hear stories which are purely fictional. Perhaps it is due to a curious yet bored mind, or due to our unquenchable thirst for fantasies and hope. Or maybe it is just because all humans, no matter whom it may be, have some sort of imagination, a part of their brains which are dedicated to false beliefs and pathetic ideas.

Thankfully, with time, there came to be books. Oh yes, books, the perfect antidote for someone wishing to divulge a few hours to a fictional world!

Love for books had been great throughout the ages since it had been created, yet there was a love of them like no other. Yes, it was a simple and ordinary mundane girl from the twenty-first century.

To anyone who knew her she would seem quite ordinary, yet in true honesty she was anything but. Her true and honest love of books and literature did not make her odd or strange, yet instead it made her who she was. To her it was as if book had raised her, creating her morals and educating her throughout the years.

When she was teased or bullied as a child the perfect comfort was a cup of cocoa and the best book she could find. When she was bored in high school she would skip to the library, becoming fast friends with the librarian and divulging herself in dozens of stories. When she left for college books where her life, the source of her education and her passing grades.

While everyone left and moved on she could always count on books, on made up stories to comfort her and help her through rough times.

Luck was also on her side, for the great love she had often read about soon became hers. She married her perfect soul-mate, someone whom she loved and shared her passion of books.

So much so that when she got married and had a child, a young little boy, she begun to create small and quirky stories just for his entertainment. Her son, although young, soon grew to love books, for no matter where he went the stories his mother had created out of love and creativity stayed with him.

When she got the diagnosis, of a terminal and aggressive cancer, which was consuming her body she decided to just spend her time either writing, creating stories for her beloved son and husband, or reading.

And although she passed away within a few months, the common knowledge of her love for books spread. And no one who had ever met her could deny it, her love of books was undeniable.

However she never wished to be immortalized, instead throughout her life all she hoped for when she read thousands of books was to spend her time in a fun manner.

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