For my teacher who has been the best teacher I have ever had. Today he announced that he had lymphoma. Although we do not know how far along it is, it still sits heavy in the heart. The entire class cried because he means so much to us. He is a parental figure to us. He considers us a part of his family. Past students are feeling the pain as well. Please keep him in your positive thoughts and/or prayers as he fights. Thank you for taking time from your day to read and hopefully feel the strong hope we have that he will win this terrible war.

The sun is his beacon, the moon is his chain.

Although he never thought he would feel this pain,

The moon appeared and brought with it rain. Tonight

He would dine like the kings of old. Tonight he would

Feel the empty wind blow. Yet, there! In the shadows!

Yes! Could it be? That the sun was hiding, but beckoning

To him. Yes! There! See? The hand calling him; the warmth

Of his students, us and his family, a nice gentle glow. The moon

Sits behind him, its sad gaze caught on him. He turned moon into

Shadow and, with every stride, turned shadow to dust. Blowing

Away on the breeze of warm life, he was never one to lose to strife.