A/N: Just found this on my computer and I can't even remember what I wrote it for. I don't even know if it's meant to be taken literally or what, but I quite liked the rather twisted nature of it, so here it is.


Lips meet. A clash of wills, fighting the other into submission. The raging tempest of predatory hunger consumes us. He tastes me and I taste him, tooth and claw devouring in harmonious discord. I feel my skin melt away like the tide. It ripples and then recedes, unveiling the creature rising up from below. My blood breaks the river banks, running in molten iron streams over the fa├žade of flesh and eroding the mask. The next time teeth clash, something sharper nips at the thin membranes in his mouth. My lips recede to taut columns of glossy black sinew, meeting with tougher, coarser tissue as we continue to consume one another. His pale skin darkens to a bluish hide. Slender, razor-edged claws rake through my hair, itself twisting into matted tissues of blackened keratin. My hands rise up to his head, finding smooth antlers to meet translucent fingers. One heart races, the other slows to a cold stasis. Blood smarts sharp and metallic upon two tongues, tendrils of iron igniting nerves that trigger a chemical cascade. Air seeps out through the gaps in and between us. I breathe in the space he rejects. Dark eyelids flutter and darker eyes meet mine. Crimson light bleeds through the edges of the circle as the force envelopes us both.

My heart is a black hole and you're skimming the event horizon.

Once you're inside, there is no way out.