In the storm of the night on the road heading north to Brooksville no cars of any kind can be seen due to the bad weather but a single form moving at much the same speed as a car runs through the rain, it is none other than Samantha. A strange sight indeed with the rain and wind blowing back the long hair on her head and through her tattered cloths fluttering in the wind, her ears folded back and with her long Dire like tail trailing behind her. As she ran her only destination in mind was the Brooksville Lodge, then getting back to her room to retrieve her possessions and to flee from the area.

In the distance she sees the lights from the Brooksville Lodge and realizes in her current state she couldn't possibly walk in through the front doors. She quickly veers off the road and into the forest to go around to the side of the lodge. She stealthily moves through the forest to the area beneath her window certain no one has seen her and looks up at her window which has been left open.

She thinks, "I don't remember leaving the window open. Not that it matters. How am I going to get up there?"

Even as she wanders this, her instincts take over and she crouches low and jumps up crashing through the curtains bringing them down as she enters the room. She raises her self from the mess on the floor and walks over to the desk mirror. She turns on the lamp looking in disbelief at her vixen like face in the mirror. She raises her hands and slowly traces her muscle bound frame and larger breasts, up her fur covered neck and over the top of her head and long ears. Then down her muzzle and opens her mouth and traces her fangs and sharp teeth and realizes there is still a taste of blood on her hand.

She thinks, "I need to clean the smell and remaining traces of blood off my hand."

With out realizing it she starts to lick her paw clean and catches her self mid-way into her third lick and thinks to herself, "I am licking blood off my hand, HUMAN blood."

Samantha rushes into the bathroom and attempts to throw up in the toilet but is un-able to for some reason. She is about to clean her hand in the sink when she catches a glimpse of herself in the mirror and looks into her haunting glowing blue eyes and for some reason she thinks, "Why wash, just lick the blood off… the delicious blood."

And a terrifying toothy smile spreads across her face. She quickly shakes the feeling off as she started to lower he head back to her hand. She rushed over to the shower away from the mirror and washed the remaining blood off her hand and with the soap quickly scrubbed off as much of the smell of blood as she could. Calmed down now she looked at her tattered cloths clinging to her body with tuffs of dark crimson red fur poking through the holes, and tore the shredded cloths from her body revealing her well toned muscular fur covered body.

She gets up and walks out into the room and looks into the desk mirror at her fur covered cloth less body. At first she is terrified at her appearance, but as she looks at her body, slightly pointy muzzle, long flowing hair, wide hips, twitching tail, muscular thighs and legs she starts to smile. She starts to wiggle her body back and forth as though doing a seductive dance and twitches her tail.

She stops suddenly wide eyed thinking, "I am turning myself on? This fox like creature…its beautiful… I am beautiful. But this can't be right."

She starts to feel a burning sensation in her throat and feels like she is about to vomit and rushes to the bathroom. As she hacks over the toilet a blast of blue fire shoots from her mouth and instantly vaporizes the water and scorches the toilet. She feels dizzy and stumbles into the room quickly seeing her reflection in the bathroom mirror as she walks by seeing her muzzle and ears shrink through the blur now in her eyes. She tumbles onto the floor and quickly reverts to her human form, the fur receding, the tail retracting into her spine, and her toes splitting back into five little human toes. Now back in her human state she falls asleep right there on the floor.