"Lessons Learned"

We now commence a new stage of our lives when we'll become workers, leaders, husbands, wives. As we stand at a crossroad, uncertain concerned let us face

back upon lessons we learned. In the midst of deep fears and of our indecisions, recall all that will guide us to make sound decisions.

The sage advice our parents offered at will; the wisdom our teachers tried, in us, to instill; indeed the knowledge we gained at school and at home will serve us

all as we wander and roam far from the safety of our protective school nest where all we've been taught will be put to the test.

Let us spread wide our wings; prepare to take flight. As we follow true north, let us set our aims high. We must embark on our journey; the future looms bright!

Lessons learned will distinguish: lie from truth, wrong from right. Our only limit will be the sky dressed in blue, for there can be no stopping a true falcon like you.

Where we choose to land and decide to dwelve, Remember WE are the proud class of 2012!