There are four enlightenment thinkers that work in balance to keep order correctly. Mao, the fox; is cunning and guides through trickey obstacles, Alayna, the hummingbird; bringing in kindness and sweetness of life, Kai, the owl; being leader and most wise of the enlightenment thinkers, Yamin, the sheep; is only the rare few that are young aged and knows limits very well. I, Alice, serve under them. I am third rank brown tailed samurai who follows into their steps, hoping to become the fifth enlightenment thinker!

My mother has always been a religious person, being a priestess for the last 32 years. Meeting the love of her life at the local noodle shop here in Gelée. Getting my red hair from my father's side, I'm the only red hair samurai with floppy brown bunny ears, making me stand out quite a lot and that's why, I'll aim to be the very best!

At Alice's kura-zukuri house..

"Honey, come with me to pray to are spirits" Mother told, coming inside my bedroom dressed in her casual flowerily kimono. My pink orbs darted at her.

"But mom, you pray to them almost everyday, can't you just skip it for today?" I pouted.

She only laughed bending over, tugging my long ears "Are you being recalcitrant with me?" her lovely light pink eyes sparkled a bit.

I shook my head ferociously "no, I'm not disobeying, I'll go".

Mother only winked and left the room.

I sighed and collapsed on my pillows, lazily. I just want to sleep...

"Are you ready yet?" Mother called, hinted with annoyance.

Straightaway, I jumped up, rushing out the bedroom "No, I'm coming!".

Mother closed the door and made a itinerary to the hollow shrines.

During our walk , I asked "Why do we always need to pray to the animal spirits?" I never fully understood the concept of 'religion'. The scenery was beautiful in nature, some gassho-styled houses laid in a group while others stayed alone. One grassho house was covered in moss and flowers bloomed into it's cracks. Kids circled around each other messing with that blimp of theirs, giggling loudly along the sidewalks. Butterflies fluttered around the flowers, sucking the sweet nectar.

"We need to thank them for giving us are form of shape and spirits that rest in are own body. You see, they sacrificed themselves for us to become one with nature and realize the true value of the life we are given. The Thinkers remind us of that value and order well around are village to keep everything peaceful. But unfortunately.." Mother raised her finger as a butterfly to landed on it "There are people who will disagree, causing murder, hate, and unjustified acts to mess with are peaceful system. It's why we need protectors like you my dear, Alice" she crushed the butterfly and buried it in the ground.

"Protectors like me.. okay Mum" These are times were she scared me, going 'deep' in conversations. We soon reached the shrine, sticks and candles already lit, surrounded it. I sat down and held my hands together, praying quietly. Lost in thought of ambitious adventures, a hand touched me.

On instinct, I pulled the hand over, letting the body flip over hitting the ground inches around from the shrine.

"Bah?" a sheepish mumble responded.

Opening my eyes, Yamin looked confused. "Yamin, I-um didn't mean to do that" I scratched my head. His teal-colored eyes stared at me, regaining his balance.

"I wanted to join you" he awkwardly said, rubbing his wounded hand, I harshly tugged earlier.

"Want to just eat at my dad's noodle shop and pretend this never happened? I'm already done with prayer" I offered. He nodded.

Later at Dad's Noodle Shop...

I slurped down the delicious vegetable noodle soup, the bowel directly in my face. In contrast, Yamin watched in what seemed like amusement.

"What a man, that hare is" a couple of men from back table commented. I turned, offended and got out of the chair.

"How dare you!" I gave the stranger a uppercut, letting him fall on his groupies. "I ain't no hare you fool! I'm Alice, third rank brown tail samurai" I scolded.

"Alice stop, you have drank too much sake" Yamin poked my head.

"T-They started it!" I pointed at the stranger as his nostrils puffed out smoke.

"I'm Denis Bull, one of the strongest bulls around here, maybe you have heard of me?!" He charged.

Yamin struck his sword between us, canceling Denis's charge " there'll be no battle here in this restaurant, understood?". This was the first time I ever seen a enlighten sword before. It had aqua colored scales along with the silver blading.

"What are you going to do, little sheep? jump over fences?" one of Denis's friends joked.

"Even if I may be small, do not doubt my power" Yamin placed his sword back in his carrier.

"Fine, you win but next time you won't be so lucky, Alice" Denis snickered, leaving with his gang.

"Alice, I hope you learned-" Yamin's voice silenced.

I passed out happily on the floor, not listening anymore.

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