To: The Town Council

From: The Quadro-Thinkers

RE: Water Quality Investigation

I am sad to tell you, Council, that Hickory Hollow's water is contaminated. Unfortunately for you, contaminated water is not the only problem in Hickory Hollow. The economy is at a low because of your water issues. The media is hounding you, and that is obviously bad for business. Fortunately for you, my team has arrived to help you with this hardship. We have come up with a solution to your problems. Using to the money you gave us, we have come up with a simple conclusion to help you solve your problems. Hickory Hollow's water is contaminated with lead, hydrocarbons, and calcium, and this has affected your economy.

The first problem we are going to address is the lead problem. My team noticed that you had said something about the water smelling and tasting funny. As it turns out, lead was found in your water supply in Aram Creek. We suspect that it is coming from the old lead mine near the creek. This can also come from old lead pipes that are pumping water to the citizens of Hickory Hollow. Lead can cause mental retardation in children, and is otherwise bad for your health. A way to fix this would be to see if lead is somehow leaking from the old mine into the water supply or check out the pipes, and see if they are up to date with the laws of how pipes should be made. Either way, the Quadro-Thinkers, are able to fix this problem and put an end to this lead contamination.

In the town of Hickory Hollow we have heard and found many problems. One of the more major problems that was brought to our attention was crusty faucets. Crusty faucets were caused by having too much calcium in the water. When there is an abundant amount of calcium in the water it is also referred to as hard water. Calcium was found in many places in Hickory Hollow, such as Aram creek, Bare creek, Saunders springs, and in South Crown Subdivision. We tested all of these sites and the results came back positive. Calcium is a chemical that is not harmful to humans in certain proportions, in fact it's quite the opposite. Calcium is very good for the human body. But, if too much calcium is consumed it could be bad for your health. To limit the amount of calcium in the water of Hickory Hollow, though, we can simply add water softeners. Water softeners oppose hard water. Overall, the calcium in the water is an easy fix, and will be taken care of.

Here in Hickory Hollow we have found many problems with your water including hydrocarbons. Hydrocarbons cause problems such as possible cancer in humans. We found hydrocarbons in only one place, which is good, but it is still a large concern because it is a deadly substance. We found the it in South Aram creek near the Sewage treatment plant. We suspect that there is a leak in the sewage plant or they are dumping chemical waste into the creek. We are aware it is a lot to accuse, but we're keeping our minds open. Even ask yourself, how else could the hydrocarbons have leaked into the water supply? The most devastating thing is that hydrocarbons don't only cause cancer in humans but they are also capable of killing fish, and other organisms. I'm sure the citizens of Hickory Hollow are not happy that the wildlife is dying off, even if it's only fish. It imbalances the food chain. So, on your behalf, we are more than ready to help you solve your hydrocarbon problem.

The politics in Hickory hollow have been rough around the edges all because of the water situation you sent my team in to fix. We can assure you that what the media is saying about your water is not all justified. Yes, you had some problems with the the crust faucets, which looked bad but we can assure you that it's harmless. This bad media took a tole to your economy as well, with you poor housing market. Fortunately for you we can fix all of this. By solving the water pollution problems, we can hopefully bring back your good reputation, and then your housing market will pick up again. Of course we can't guarantee anything, but we assure you we will try our best. I can also assure you that if you put your water problems with us, the Quadro-Thinkers, you'll put yourself in the most capable, and most dedicated hands.

In conclusion, Hickory Hollow has had multiple water problems that have been brought to our attention. All of these problems, the hydrocarbons, lead ,and calcium polluting your water, and the bad politics because of it, we are sure we can help with. If you pick us over our competitors, again not only will you be most capable hands, you'll be in the hands of people who want to see Hickory Hollow get back on it's feet. The $3000 budget you gave us allowed us to see what we needed to do to make sure that you got the quality water the people of Hickory Hollow deserve. With our methods of getting rid of the contamination in your water, and putting out some positive propaganda, you would find that we are the most efficient and finest of our competitors. We wish to see Hickory Hollow prevail through this hard time. Our competitors on the other hand only wish to see your money coming in waves. For the right decision, choose the Quadro-Thinkers to help guide you through this troubling time, and you'll be more than satisfied.