Animal Crackers

By Kevin Baris

A loud pop was heard throughout the bag as someone ripped the top open gaining access to the sugary-coated animal crackers. Murmurs were heard throughout the bag previously left in the dark now bathed by a dim light. The inhabitants of the bag speculated about their fate now, "Whether it would be good or not." All of them remembered the time from the factory being created into an animal cracker as food for humans.

At the factory, they had experienced what it was like to see their loved ones killed. Any deformed animal cracker was thrown into the trash immediately. They heard the human food tasters exclaim, "These animal crackers are delicious like my Aunt Ginny's apple pie!" Humans talking excitedly scared them for it meant certain doom. Doom in which one of them was eaten or thrown away; it was the first option however that scared them to death because if you were eaten it meant a human noisily chomping into your legs and head without a care in the world.

An excruciating pain each time one of your body parts was severed. It sent massive shockwaves throughout your body. The animal crackers huddled in fear like the prisoners that were taken by the Nazis. They saw the huge hand reaching into the bag and it grabbed several of their friends. The animal crackers that had been lifted out of the bag screamed in terror. Everybody knew their faith and could do nothing. They were crackers shaped like animal, covered in a light layer of pink and white frosting and had sprinkles on them.

The unlucky animal crackers screamed in pain now. Slowly the screams disappeared replaced by someone busily chomping them into pieces. They cringed knowing that their texture was smooth due to the light layer of frosting on them. The sprinkles that were imbedded in them added a bumpy layer to slide a finger on. A child would delightfully eat them all if given a chance.

The hand reappeared gathering up more of them. None of them wanted to die like this. It was a horrible way to die being eaten by a fat abomination. Quickly they conspired a way to eliminate this human. The screams of the unlucky crackers died again. All of them prepared with a weapon of some sort and got ready to prevent more of them being eaten.

The hand again went to scoop more of the animal crackers out but stopped and quickly rose up. An elephant had scored a critical hit on the thumb of the hand. "Argh!" the human yelled out in anger. How dare these animal crackers resist their fate! Again the human attempted to collect more animal crackers and was met with the same result. The bag started moving on its' own as if the animal crackers inside were trying to get out of confinement.

Once the bag was brought down; the animal crackers marched out with the sprinkles aimed at the human. A hail of sprinkles was launched at the human who covered his eyes from the oncoming hail of sprinkles. Another group of animal crackers quickly hauled the scissors down from its' container and aimed it at the humans' kneecap. Once the human uncovered his eyes the scissor was launched and it severed his right kneecap clean through sending bits of bone and blood vessels flying through the air.

The animal crackers cheered in victory for their foe was now on the ground attempting to escape from these vengeful crackers. The fat human slowly crawled toward the entrance door. There he was met by a dozen or so of animal crackers that had crudely made clubs made out the plastic army men. "Mercy, please have some mercy!" the human screamed, "I was only hungry!" The clubs were raised and promptly lowered smashing into the human's thick skull.

He attempted to protect his skull but was prevented by the animal crackers that had followed him. A scream of agony was heard as the scissors severed his left kneecap and cleaved into his left calf. The animal crackers sneered as they heard this now pathetic human beg for mercy while crying. "Never, Never, Never!" the animal crackers chanted in unison. He passed out from the continued abuse of the animal crackers.

A short while later the animal crackers woke him up. His eyes looked around wildly turning left then right then up and down. He took in the sight of the animals now with sharp silvery knives gleaming with deadly menace. "Please, I beg of you mercy!" the human begged one last pitiful time. His begging was answered by the sharp blades stabbing into him over and over until finally the blood left his body. The human was drained of all his blood and slowly he shut down. The last thing in his mind before he died was the animal crackers making crackers out of his body parts.