Eyes on You

She wandered down the hall, strands of hair hanging in her eyes. She didn't bother to push them away. It was too late at night to concentrate on such trivial things as that. The stairway door was open and as she reached it, the strains of music reached her ears. The unfamiliar tone froze her in place. The world roared around her, and she gripped the railing to steady herself. No. Not this...

Amy sighed at the thought of it. She was half awake because of that night, last night. Her friends had kept her up with their 'crappy pop music', as she so affectionately called it. She knew that it'd happen when she invited them over, but she was still miffed. Up until dawn, and then she had school that day! Luckily for her no homework was assigned and she slept through most of her classes.

"Hey, Amy!" Her best friend, Terra, said as she skipped over to the table merrily. How she could be so perky after staying up all night was a mystery, but it did make her day lighten up a bit. Terra always had that effect though. Amy didn't know what it was about Terra, maybe her curly brown hair that always bounced with her steps, or her soft tan skin that was o' so touchable. Maybe it was her jovial blue eyes that always seemed too happy about everything, or her goofy grin, which she wore even during the worst of times. Amy smiled; maybe she was just such a goof that no matter what Amy couldn't stay gloomy with her around. Whatever it was she loved it.

"Hey," the more fatigued of the two said with a gloomy wave. Just after that she collapsed onto the table, which Terra had just set her lunch tray on.

"What's up with you, goomba?"

"Tired," Amy grunted barely. A yawn came next, and then a soft snore. Out cold, again, Terra chuckled. Too cute; she thought merrily while staring at the young woman.

The brunette's soft brown hand reached out and petted her friend's blond locks. Terra held back tears. If only Amy could see the way she looked at her. All of her friends always said she was cheerier around Amy, and it was true. She knew why, of course, she loved her. Being around her always made everything better, even when her parents kicked her out for her…preferences. Amy just hugged her and all the pain went away.

Terra sighed. If only you could see that I love you!

As Terra pined Amy dreamt, of better times of better moments. She dreamt of the time when they were children and her and Terra were on the play ground, smiling and laughing together, playing on the slides, the swings, the teeter totter and the sand boxes. The moments she held most precious, before her stupid feelings had gotten in the way and made things awkward for her.

She usually spent her time staring at Terra, after she realized she liked her. No matter what they were doing she'd always throw a glance her way. Watch her move, watch her breath, and watch her jiggle. She loved every moment she spent with her, no matter what the situation was. When Amy had found out that Terra, just like her, preferred women to men her heart jumped with joy. She had a chance, or so she thought, but Terra never made a move. Amy became so worked up that over time her nervousness had stopped her from saying anything to her dark skinned friend, and things progressed from there.

Terra, on the other hand, was afraid that her friend would've rejected her. Amy never seemed to be interested in guys, but she definitely wasn't interested in girls, at least not as far as the brunette knew. After her parents had booted her from the house she was too afraid of losing someone else and decided not to make a move at all. The night before, though, tested her truly. Amy had gotten so close, moved so gracefully, bounced so sweetly; Terra nearly drooled at the thought.

Her hand was curling her pale friend's long blond locks, and she could smell her strawberry scented perfume from the short distance. She should've been eating her lunch, if that is what you could call the colorless slop that was served to her on a daily basis, but Amy's blond hair was just too entrancing for her, soft and silky, yet strong enough to put Repunzel's locks to shame. If only she could hold Amy close to her one night, and bury her face in that soft golden mane, breathing in the scent, feeling her warmth.

A sudden thud woke Amy, and caused Terra to pull her hand back. The third amiga, Sasha, had just shown up. She wasn't nearly as perky as Terra at that moment, but she didn't share the same dazed state of Amy either. She did, however, slump down to the table with a sigh. "Never again," she stated, referring to the all nighter they pulled just before the first day of school.

Terra grinned, "C'mon, not you too!"

Sasha shot her a glare, "How come you're so perky?"

"Because Amy's here!" she said instinctively. Amy shot up nervously and blushed. Terra followed in suit.

Sasha grinned, "Haha, funny, but what's your secret, really?" Terra later thanked her friend for the save, but at that moment she just grinned and said simply…

"Secret." After that she gave a glance to Amy, who had slumped back over just to hide her disappointment. Her eyes danced, her heart raced, her mind thought, "If only you knew that secret was you!"

Amy sighed, and blinked back her tears. She stared at the ground, breathed deep and thought "If only you knew how I looked at you!"

Amy sat up and looked Terra in the eyes, then gave a faux smile.

They both thought, "If only you knew that my eyes are on you."

Commentary: A story I wrote a long time ago for a contest. It was disqualified because it featured two women who were attracted to each other. I left the forum shortly after because of it. After that, I got invited by a group of people from that forum to join a new group, and we've kept in contact every since!