Quietly I nudge my keen nose

against your door; don't


your pack is ignorant of

my presence

completely still though chaotic

unnoticed yet disclosed

crimson red paint leaving

crimson red paws

at my wake

Do you hear me?

A world opens. The door

the world being monochromes

everywhere, where are you?

black and white fighting

over dominance; completely

blissfully ignorant: futility

reigns over both

my smell sharpens, ears pointing at

the shrieking of the portal

to our


I can still remember this exactly

yet I have never been here

A picture of a bridge girl

black-eyed risking lives to

save the boy with the tail

and ears, pointed.

a picture, right above you

still you don't notice me

As I walk towards you saddened

– colour-empty except for the

trail of blood, crimson natured

I left behind.

my paw, cut at arrival

separated into two halves

as I sit next to you

and you ignore me.

Not wagging my tail catches

your eye you are busy



and I am dying

Not barking whining no –

your cold wakes a

feeling in me undeniable

and I start crying



but you are busy and

I am still

for seconds minutes hours

days months years …

ages …

my yellow eyes hoped you

would turn around

but greyed from


I give up.

staring at point-blank

you were gone all


separated – the colours


The orange war-markings

on my cheeks gone


you were the colour of

my memories, filled with

blood scarlet blood


separated into two halves

My fur, grey, colourless

keeps me warm when you

are away…

I shall not return.

Moonstone creeping over

the walls the floors

but this will be the

last time.