Predictable, obvious ending, full of cliches. Do you still want to read it?

The man stopped before he could take another step. He had nearly missed the small form huddled in the dark. That was the little girl he was assigned to look for. He glanced at the lone figure crouching with her arms wrapped around her skinny knees in an alleyway. She needed a little more meat on her. That kid looked a little malnourished. Why would the agency hunt for a child? His superior just gave him the photograph and commanded him to restrain a Lorraine Vow upon sight without providing more information about the girl. He looked at the picture in his hand. The photograph didn't do her justice at all. Sure, she looked fine in the picture. But, in person, it was a different story. The photographer hadn't truly captured the essence of her just barely starting to develop beauty. Right now, she was downright adorable, and that little one was going to grow up to be quite a stunner. He would feel sorry for her father in advance for having to drive off all those males from his daughter in the future. The poor guy might just die from stress.

He approached the girl very slowly, at a snail's pace. What child wouldn't be at least a little wary of a stranger? The man was sure that her parents would've told her numerous stories about kidnappers and bad guys. He crouched down to be closer to her height, hoping to be less intimidating. However, the kid just stared at him blankly, unwaveringly, since he first entered the alley. He still smiled as disarmingly as possible, just in case.

"Little lady, what are you doing by yourself?" Hopefully, he sounded friendly. He didn't have much experience with kids. Children were an entirely different species that he had no way of figuring out. They were a complete enigma to him. It didn't help that she was a girl. Even if he lived to a million years, he didn't think he'll ever begin to understand females. Just saying.

That blank, unrelentless stare was starting to unnerve him a little. He wasn't sure why, but the girl gave off an eerie aura. There was just something about her eyes and her whole demeanor that gave him the creeps. There wasn't something quite right with that kid. She didn't seem quite... What the hell was he thinking about? Come on, she was just a little girl, for crying out loud. How much harm could she possibly do to him?

"Where are your parents?" Again. Another attempt at friendliness. Seriously... this really wasn't his specialty. Furthermore, the sugary sweet tone he was aiming for was starting to make him sick. This was the last time he took on an assignment involving children.

Her blank, unblinking eyes never left him, just staring, staring. He ignored how those empty eyes seemed to peer into his very soul. She seemed older, wiser, than her years. But... did she not understand English? Or was she following that rule told time after time to kids to never talk to strangers?

Then, she smiled, not showing teeth, just a curl of the lips that discomfited him, still staring. "In hell."

Her parents were dead and she was smiling? Was she trying to put up a front? Wait, "in hell"? Maybe he heard wrong. Damn, he was getting old. He was acting strange today. Why would a child's smile creep him out? That was ridiculous. Anyway, since her parents were gone, that should make his job easier. He could just get the girl and go to headquarters without anyone hindering his way. The only problem now was to convince her to willingly go with him. He may be a hired assassin on some occasions, but he had some morals. He didn't lay a hand on women or children. Period. Don't question his logic.

"Then, you don't have a place to stay, right? Why don't you come to mine?"

The girl moved without him seeing and, in a blink of an eye, she was directly to the right side of him, a rusted blade at his throat, pressing against his skin, just almost piercing though. She continued to smile that curl of a smile that seemed to mock the very essence of innocence. "Want to know why they're dead?"

Dread surrounded him, crowded him, pushing until it shot into his body, laying cold and heavy in his chest, in the pit of his stomach He had a terrible feeling that he knew now, but he asked anyway, hoping to buy time for him to think of an escape plan, apprehension seeping into his soul. This wasn't good. He could easily tell he was no match for her. This was no normal kid. He moved back, away from the sharp edge, only to have the girl roundhouse kick him deeper into the alley. He landed heavily into some garbage cans, the metal hard enough to bruise, and trash rained on him. She stood in front of him, blocking the only path to escape, that creepy curl about her lips. It didn't make sense how she could be so much stronger than him. It defied logic. This shouldn't be feasible.

"I killed them," she said softly, playfully, smiling wider. An inscrutable glint appeared in her eyes. There was something strange about her eyes, something that scared the hell out of him. This was why his boss refused to tell him anything more about the kid. The bastard knew he wouldn't take the job otherwise. Sometimes, ignorance was bliss. Other times, it was downright deadly.

She started to laugh, a deeply disturbing and deceptively cute in a strange, twisted way giggle. It sent icebergs straight to his core. Goosebumps rose up all over his skin along with every single piece of his body hair. He didn't want to keep listening to it, but he couldn't quite move. There was nothing physically wrong with his legs, but he was paralyzed. He was too terrified to budge. He was too scared to dash for his life and risk attracting more unwanted attention to himself. He hoped, he prayed, he wished with all his might that she would just stay absorbed with herself and not focus on him. Please, please don't turn those blank, soulless eyes on him. The man slightly, very very slightly, would rather endure listening to that scary-as-hell giggle than have those scarier-than-hell eyes train on him. There would be no doubt about his immediate death then. She would kill him and enjoy it. He was absolutely sure that the way she would murder him would be utterly tortuous and long. He didn't know what to do. He was beyond terrified. His limbs wouldn't stop shaking. He didn't want to die. He couldn't run and he wouldn't make it on a one on one fight against that little girl, no matter how tiny she was. That one knew advanced martial arts unlike him. He was running out of options. Either path he took, he only saw a long and painful end. He wouldn't survive this night unless the girl decided to move on. He prayed, silently cried, pleaded, to someone, anyone, out there that she would. Oh please god, please let her choose to leave this place. Then, light, almost inaudible footsteps broke the silence of the night, footsteps that were heading away from him.

He didn't move, didn't dare breathe, until there was complete and utter silence. Sweet, sweet silence. Was there anything more beautiful, more blessed than this? Surely, that wasn't imaginable. He heavily let out the breath he was holding in, relief flooding through his entire being, and he slumped, all of the energy in him sapped from the extreme tension and pressure he was put under. The sweat-coated man slid down his back to the floor, without a care that the puddle underneath him was soaking his pants. His pants was already soaked. His head fell back almost lifelessly against the brick wall and an impossibly small smile stretched his face. He was that weak right now, weighed down immensely by fatigue. He couldn't quite move right now. However, he was so happy, so freaking happy, so grateful, to be still breathing. He was spared this night and he swore that he would spend the rest of his life righting his wrongs. The man promised to himself that he'd be a good person now. He would never take the life of another now, not when he knew how it felt to be cornered and helpless, staring death in the face. It was an emotion no one should feel. It was too late now for the ones already lost. However, he would someday, somehow, do something to somehow atone for his crimes, even if he could never pay for his wrongs.

Off to his distant right, a little scuffle was made, but the man didn't hear, too lost in his sincere repentance. The little girl smiled with pure amusement, her eyes on the man. This will be fun. The night was long from over. She licked her lips in anticipation. The scent of warm blood coursing through live veins was in the air, tickling her delicate little nose, practically oozing from the man in the alley. Blood was delicious, sweet in its own way. It was strangely addicting. She'd have plenty to spare after she killed off her fellow human. The man was more than twice her size. He must have a lot of red stuff and meat. She started salivating at the thought. Human flesh was a really rare delicacy. The last time she ate some was when her parents died. And it's been forever since that time. She was hungry. Once she tasted human meat, she lost the desire for anything else. The cannibalistic child couldn't stomach anything else. She got a taste for people and now she couldn't eat anything else. However, it was sorta hard to get some. You couldn't just buy them at a store. This was going to be a good night for her. Too bad for the man, though. Well, he just happened to be in the wrong place, at the wrong time. The child wondered how his screams will sound like. People's cries for help were always so entertaining. Her misleadingly sweet smile morphed into a smirk. They usually screamed until the end. She turned to where the man was lost in thought. The man was really foolish for staying there. Oh, well.

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