August 24,2011. My name is Zack. I got bullied ever since the first day of first grade. In ninth grade I started reading creepypastas, and it stopped suddenly. I had friends, and they stopped hanging around me. I never saw them again. The friends I did have, though, were the paranormal investigators. Weird, as I never had to deal with any of that paranormal stuff before. In third period, went to the bathroom. As I was washing my hands, I saw something in the mirror- A black shadow. I turned, and it wasn't there. When I looked back into the mirror, it was closer and holding it's hand out to me. I turned and reached my hand out. I felt a claw grip my hand-and start ripping my skin. I saw blood on the floor as I started to faint from pain. I know i'm going to die tonight, but I had to tell my stor

This journal was found in the bedroom of Zack Kendricks. He was found on his bed with clawmarks of some unidentified animal. His mother was in complete shock, as she said he had tried to warn her about something but she didn't listen. If any of you have clues to what did this, please, do not hesitate to contact his parents.